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How to determine to buy the best cell phone

Updated on September 20, 2012

High end cell phone maker such as Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Motorola, Blackberry and Apple are rushing to bring their best cell phones to market to grab ever growing market share. Competitions are fierce. Abundant number of choices are making cell phone buyer even more confusing. Hardware, design, ecosystem, cpu power and battery life are main categories to compare before reaching to your next cell phone decisions.

Cell phone
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1) Hardware:

Your cell phone will be the object that you will touch and hold the most. You need to feel it is made from premium, strong material. Cell phone often becomes your toddler’s the favorite toy. Your child will put your phone in to resistant test. It is better that it survives till your contract expires. Since the most cell phone purchased contract with a discount, it is very costly to repair or buy new one if it is damaged when incident happens.

Screen: You will carry your phone in your pocket with your car keys. Phone screen should be scratch resistant.

Camera: Chances that your cell phone will be handy when you have a great moment to capture while your much more sophisticate camera is at home locked in safe place. So it is better that your phone’s camera can capture high resolution photo or shoot HD movie.

2) Design:

Thin sleek, functional cell phones that complete your accessories are highly desirable in market place today. Apple is well known for great rounded corner design.

3) Ecosystem:

Cell phone as hardware is only the tip of iceberg. Underneath of the iceberg, there is great ecosystem already built for some models, others are not there yet. Google, Apple and Amazon are not on the business of selling only hardware but they are in the business of selling their software. In fact, except Apple, Google and Amazon makes more on the service. In order to utilize to maximum benefit of those services, to select the carrier that is reliable, fast and nationwide complete coverage is very important.

4) CPU Power:

Having cell phone with powerfully CPU will save good deal of time and make your gaming experience to be much more pleasing.iOS, Android and Windows 8 operating systems are all multitasking and requires powerful CPU with sophisticated graphic capabilities.

5) Battery Life:

It is important to have cell phone with long lasting battery. Unfortunately, the most cell phone does not last a day with one charge. People keeps charger in the car, at work and keep charging. This is because we use our cell phones not just communication device but reading book, browsing internet, watching movie, listening music and playing games etc… these are all fast battery consuming uses.

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How to do our homework before buying the best cell phones

New products are often introduced in fairs or press event before it is launching. Even before press event, gadget lovers and blogs and website start rumor about features of the product. After the press event, these cell phones are given reviewer.

If you are planning to buy a cell phone or upgrade your existing phone, you should closely follow those events and start making comparison based on explained criteria. is known for excellent product reviews. Wall Street Journal technology review is great too.

Depending on the individual requirement and preferences the best cell phone can be even water resistant dumb phone with no internet access. There is not 1 right answer for this quest.

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