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How to download books from Google Books

Updated on July 31, 2009

There are several methods to download limited preview books from google. I dont know whether this is legimate but you can get the pages for offline readings

If you have Internet Explorer or Firefox,follow the following steps:

1. Open Internet Explorer and search for the books in

2.Go to C:\Documents and Settings\%your admin name%\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\” of your computer. Delete all of the content of that folder.

3. Go to Internet Explorer and refresh the page and wait for the page to appear

4. Copy all PNG Files in the folder to another Folder.

5. These files that you have just copied are, actually, the pages of the books that you have just browsed.

For FireFox's Lovers, we can download a book quickly but the configuration steps are a bit tedious.
1.Download and Install Mozilla FireFox

2.Download and Install GreaseMonkey Addons in Mozilla Firefox. GreaseMonkey is an addon which allows you to customize the way a webpage displays using small bits of JavaScript.

3.Once you are done, Download, and open with Firefox the script

4.Open Google Books and search any books. and search any books. You will see the option to download the book

5.Click on “Download the book” and wait until the script completes. 6.Once done, you will see all the pages listed. you will have to save each page as an image in a folder on your computer.

6.To make a book out of the images, a converter is needed. One is available for free here . Download and install both the printer driver and free converter.

7.Once installation is complete, open the 1st page in Windows picture and fax viewer and print that page. Windows will prompt you to select other images. Choose select all and do next.

8.Look and select 995 in your list of printers to print the images

9.Wait until 995 has processed all your images into a book

10.Choose Acrobat Reader to open the book.


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