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How to fix a Soaked Cell Phone

Updated on September 30, 2012

A quick fix to dry, rescue and repair wet cellular phones

So you were doing your laundry then you placed your pants in the washer then you remembered that your phone was left there. First thing to do when you get a cell phone wet is to remove the battery. This will prevent any short circuit that may damage the battery or any component in the Cell phone. After you have removed the battery from the phone, you should dry it. You can use a fan or a hairdryer to dry it.

Some people say that placing it in a sack of uncooked rice grains will dry it. This will only dry the surface of a wet cell phone and not the components inside it. Using rice to dry it can also get dirt and other particles inside your wet cell phone.

Now, these next steps are to be done if you drop your phone in a liquid other than water. Other substances may leave a residue that may damage the circuit if turned on. So after drying, disassemble the Cell phone. Use the right screw driver. Nokia phones use T-6 screw driver – the one that has an asterisk-like head. Be careful wile disassembling. Sometimes a board is screwed to another board. You also need to take them apart. Remember everything that you have removed from the cell phone because you need to put them back in the same way you took them off.

If you do not wish to disassemble your phone and it was dropped in water only, you can leave it drying for about a week – that long to be safe. Or of course, you can get someone to open it for you.

After disassembling, get a lacquer thinner and a toothbrush. Soak the circuit boards with the thinner then brush them lightly. Do not soak the LCD – the thinner will damage the LCD. This removes any residue and cleans the circuit board. Dry the circuit boards you soaked with the thinner with a blower or fan. Reassemble the phone. Do not forget to put back any part.

Always remember never to press the power button to try to check the phone if it will turn on if it is still wet. This is a mistake some people do. Switching a wet cell phone may damage some components in the circuit and render the phone in-operable and it will be more expensive to repair.


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    • Mighty Mom profile image

      Susan Reid 

      6 years ago from Where Left is Right, CA

      First time I've heard this particuar solution. Have heard silica gel and putting phone in a bowl of rice (not cooked0 overnight.

      Thanks for the help. Really appreciate it. MM


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