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How to fix laptop keyboard | laptop keyboard repair and replacement

Updated on January 26, 2013

Laptop keyboard is one of the most replaceable parts for laptop computers. Mostly because is always takes the biggest area in a laptop and is exposed to all surface damages.
It also is one of the easiest parts to replace and to fix.

How do we fix laptop keyboard?
Laptop keyboard failure is always of two types: software or hardware. Software problem issues related to laptop keyboards are very few. Very often users get numbers instead of characters, or you get your letters rearranged, making your typing impossible. Usually this kind of problem is solved by configuring the regional and language settings, which can be messed up.

Laptop keyboard hardware issues

 The hardware issues are the most frequent for keyboards and those can be classified to:

1. Laptop keyboard connection problems. Every laptop keyboard has a thin ribbon cable which connects the keyboard to the main board. If this connector is loosened, the whole keyboard won’t work. If just few keys are not working – it usually is another problem.
2. Broken laptop keys.
3. The spill of any kind of liquid. If you happened to spill some water or any liquid which does not contain much sugar or other “minerals” – you’re lucky. Lucky, if you spilled it the keyboard, not the whole computer. As most keyboards have some kind of base – it usually stops the liquids from touching the more delicate parts, like motherboard, hard drive or processor. Water or spirits will evaporate leaving nothing between the keyboard keys.
However if is happens to be Coca-Cola, coffee, tea or anything else besides water – the keyboard repair could take longer and in most cases it’s less costly (regarding time and money) to replace the whole keyboard at once.

Replacing Dell laptop keyboard

Replacing HP laptop keyboard

Replacing Lenovo laptop keyboard

Replacing Acer laptop keyboard

How to repair – replace laptop keyboard:

1. If you spilled liquid – quickly turn off and unplug the computer.

2. Do not move it sideways or tilt it – you would just further distribute the liquid. Leave it as it is to evaporate.

3. If you want to use some kind of heating source to speed up the evaporation – OK, just don’t apply it too close to the computer, or else some parts would melt.

4. You might try to take out the keyboard and examine the main board – in this case read your computer seller warranty terms concerning the computer usage and disassembling restrictions.

5. If the liquid has disappeared and considerable amount of time has past – you can try to turn on the computer. Like I mentioned before, water doesn’t make much trouble, though other kinds of liquids do. If your computer works normally and just some keys do not respond – try to clean the keyboard thoroughly. Use little spirit to dissolve and clean off the material which stuck in the keyboard gaps.

6. If your keys are broken – try to replace them. Replacing the keys is not hard; it depends upon the computer manufacturer model and type. The keys can be bought in used computer parts store or on internet the prices vary from 1 to 5 dollars for one key. Removing the keys requires some gentle work; do not apply force in this situation. The keys are held by plastic mounting arms and clips, which often break. Try to gently pull out the key by using some thin tweezers or pliers, the thinner the better.

7. If the keyboard is seriously damaged – replace it. Used laptop keyboard costs approximately 15 – 20 US dollars, new one – 40 and more. You just have to identify and buy the right keyboard. After the purchase, remove the old one: in most cases you just have to pull out one or two screws from the base of the laptop and remove the power button cover. You have to know the exact computer model you are using, in order to properly remove the old keyboard. Youtube is of great help here, one will find almost everything here. 


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  • Tomygun profile image

    Tomygun 7 years ago from Vilnius

    The question is if that glitch is only when you play those games or is it always happening? If just during the games - you could try and tweak the settings or something like that. Maybe the computer does not cope with the memory overload. On the other hand, if that happens always - it could be either keyboard, motherboard, maybe connection, drivers.

  • profile image

    troubledToshiba 7 years ago

    okay..Someone who shares my laptop with me play on that game called Club Penguin. On two of the games (Puffle Rescue and some Jet Pack thing) the arrow keys glitch and control her game. There is a dance game where arrow keys are involved, but i don't know how to fix Its really bothering her.