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How to fix your IPhone 5 screen yourself

Updated on March 3, 2013

Tools I will need to replace my screen

Please be advised that fixing your iphone glass screen or LCD screen can only be done with the right tools and trying any short cuts could cause damage to your phone.

Tools I need to change the screen:

  • Pentalobe screwdriver
  • screen suction cup tool
  • phillips 00 screwdriver
  • case opener tool
  • iphone 5 screw organizer

These usually come in sets, you can buy these tools from Amazon.

Changing the screen on my iphone 5

Visit this video tutorial for the best step by step visual guidence to fixing you iphone 5 screen.

Step 1

Remove the bottom screws using the pentalobe screwdriver.

Step two

Use your suction tool to slightly lift the front screen by about 1 mm then use your case opener tool to leaver it open gradually around the whole phone.

Step 3

Your will see three screws roughly in the centre on a small shiny plate, remove the three screws with your Phillips 00 screwdriver. Then remove the two sheets of metal.

Step 4

Above the plates you just took off is a similar metal plate, also remove this plate using your 00 Phillips screwdriver (also remove the sheet of metal as done in step 3).

Step 5

This is harder to explain but you took the sheets off to remove the battery, camera and LCD linked to the screen, you took the sheets off so you could just carefully disconnect the links.

Step 6

Up at the top right hand corner of there are two screws by the microphone piece, remove screws, metal sheets and the small black washer.

Step 7

Using your case opener gently remove the loose plastic object which is the front camera assembly.(bear in mind it is stuck down)

Step 8

On the screen remove all 4 screws in the corners which are holding the screen plate.

Step 9

Remove the plate then also remove the screws that hold the home button, remove the button.

Your screen is now ready to be replaced, begin with step 10 by re-securing the home button to the new screen.

Step 11

Re-attach the LCD shielding plate.

Step 12

Re- install the front camera (see video for the best understanding)

Step 13

Re-attach the speak, remember to always re attach the parts that is stuck down with adhesive.

Step 14

Re-attach the LCD screen parts.

Step 15

Re-install shield covers for protection and security of cables.

Step 16

the screen can now be attached to the back chassy, start at the top and work your way down.

Step 17

Re install the screws at the bottom with your pantalobe screwdriver.

Step 18

Turn on your Iphone and use as normal.

This is just an outline, for the best tutorial view the link below to youtube.


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