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How to get alot of friends on Myspace very fast

Updated on October 14, 2010

What is Myspace

My-space is a popular social networking website. People sign up free and than become a member. Once they sign up they will have a basic profile and a friends' list. When you first sign up you will not have any friends but you can choose to search the website and make new friends, reconnect with old ones or keep in touch with current friends and family members.


Why do people want alot of friends on Myspace

People who are on My space and tries to get alot of friends do it for many reasons. Some people just want alot of friends just to have alot of friends, some people do it because they want to promote their music or event, some people do it to promote a business or to get their name out there or too get their website known and the list can go on and on and on. Whatever the reason is it is in that person's best interest to have alot of friends on My space because they know that the more people they have the chances are they will accomplish whatever it is they want to do. Think about it, if you have a business would you rather a few hundred people knowing who you are or a few thousand?

Friend adders

Before using this service it is probably a good idea to set up a separate profile because My-space may or may not delete the account that you are using the friend adder on.

Friend adders are exactly what they sound like. You will usually sign into your My-space account through the friend adder and you will be directed to your homepage as usual. You will than be able to go and search through profiles or search for people anyway you would normally do. You than will use the friend adder to extract other profiles' id. Once you have extracted the IDs you will than usually click on the add friends section. The friend adder will than send the friend requests for you and it will not go directly to the profile it is sending a friend request to. Instead it will go to the add friend section as it will normally do if you were sending a friend request manually.

There are many automated friend adders out there and the prices seem to vary from $20-$50 but this is probably one of the easiest ways to build up a friends' list and the fastest. Below is one of the better friend adders you can use.

Click here for one of the best friend adders there is.

Add trains

There are many add trains out there and typically you will find these trains by doing a search on a search engine or you might see a train posted in a bulletin. Too sign up for a train you will usually have to sign up or give out your My-space URL to the website. You than will typically post a bulletin that they give you and the idea is that when you post that bulletin than other people on your friends' list will do the same. When people read the bulletin they will either add everyone on the train or they will not.

Some people have great results with trains while others see hardly. Some people are not a fan of trains due to a lot of spam and fake profiles that are associated with the trains. That means that even if 10,000 profiles belong to that train, it might still not be beneficial for you if more than half of those profiles are spam or fake profiles or music profiles.

Make a banner

There are many websites that will create a free banner for you to make and use. You simply create a banner and write a few things in it or maybe even your My-space URL. You than can post this banner on your profile so people known they can add you. You can post this banner ina  bulletin or ask people to put your banner on their profile as well.

This route is probably better than using the trains and it might take awhile to get a lot of friends using the banner method. You might get the results you want in the long run or you may not but it won't hurt to try.

Post bulletins

Posting bulletins might prove to get you a lot of friends quickly as well. The idea behind this method is to post a bulletin so all of your current My-space friends can see it. Typically the bulletin will be simple and you will be asking your My-space friends to re-post your bulletin with your My-space URL, that way all their My-space friends will see it and possibly add you.

In the long haul this might be one of the fastest ways to get people to add you and too build up your friends' list. Post the bulletins as often as you can because the more times it is seen the more chances that will friends' list will be bigger quicker.

Make a video

 With video sharing sites such as Youtube it has become easier for normal people to get publicity for anything. This includes getting your Myspace profile known.

Make a short video on your favorite video sharing site/sites. Make it short, simple and entertaining and ask people to check out your profile and add you.

Once your video is done try to post it in bulletins and have your Myspace friends re-post it for you. Also ask your online friends to put your video/videos on their own profiles.

Put your URL in comments

 When you sign up for Myspace you are given a URL or you make one up. Whatever the case is leave your online friends comments as you would normally do ( if not than start!!!! ) and leave your Myspace URL at the end of every single comment, email, bulletin and wherever else you can put it and submit it. The more links you have means more people will see it which means more people will add you.

Buy ad space

 This might cost you some dollars but you could end up with a whole lot of profile views as well as friend requests. Myspace, Facebook, Yahoo, Google, MSN and so many others offer PPC ( pay per click ) advertising. It is when you set a price and a daily spending limit and you pay per click. Say if you spend $5 and you choose to pay $.05 per click, than you would end up with 100 people clicking on your ad.

If you choose to go down this road than make your ad stand-out. Make it known you want people to add you and make your ad interesting.

Ask to be in top friends

Post a bulletin or send out an email or comment asking people to put you in their top friends. You should also ask people with a lot of Myspace friends to put you in their top friends in exchange for you doing the same thing. Chances are that many people will see you on these profiles and they will add you.

Use all of the methods

 It is probably best to use all of the above mentioned methods. The more your profile gets seen the more likely your friends' list will grow. Just be persistent and patient and in time you will have the desirable amount of My-Space friends. Just use these methods wisely and try to not come off as spam or attempting to spam other users as this will probably get your profile deleted.


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