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How to get help for your computer problems from friends

Updated on April 21, 2012
Problem step recorder
Problem step recorder

Software problems are there along with the origin of computers. There are some software problems that we are unable to solve and we know that some of your computer geek friends can solve. But conveying the problem to them exactly is not easy. Here I am telling about an easy way to describe your computer software problem or any problems inside windows to your friend in detail with the help of Windows 7

In windows 7 there is a provision called problem step recorder, whose screen shot is shown on top image. First of all let us see how to open this

1. Go to start menu type psr in search box there, then problem step recorder will be highlighted. Just press enter.

2.First one was the easiest one. But you can find Problem step recorder from control panel also. Follow the path

Control Panel>>All Control Panel Items>>Troubleshooting>>Remote Assistance---you will see problem step recorder at the bottom of the page

After invoking problem steps recorder, you have to produce the problem again, ie the problem that you want to show your friend.

After opening problem steps recorder, select start recording and then minimize the recorder menu or drag it to some side and then try to reproduce the problem that you have in windows. For example if your internet connection is not working, after opening this try opening internet explorer or other internet services that shows problem. Automatically it will be recorded in problem step recorder. After completing the problem reproducing step click the stop recording option. Then automatically it will open save window. So that you can save the captured file as a zip file. On opening this zip file, you can see an MHTML file which can be opened in internet explorer.

For getting help from friend, send this zip file to your friend. He can refer to your problem by opening this zip file and opening the MHTML file in internet explorer. If he is able to understand the problem in detail in this way, he may be able to find a solution for this problem

Problem Steps recorder in Windows 7


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