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How to get more followers for your tumblr- Easy tips

Updated on July 18, 2012

Here are a few simple ways to get more followers on your tumblr:

  • Choose a specific theme or topic for your tumblr. The most popular tumblrs are about a celebrity, a fandom, or a pairing.
  • Post popular contents, such as pictures, cliche quotes about love, life, heart breaks, etc, and gifs.
  • Use proper hash-tags, the more the better. Keep them relevant though.
  • Following a "follow for follow" policy can get you more followers. Mention it at the end of every other post.
  • Post throughout the day, so that you can cater to a larger audience. This can be easily done by using tumblr's "queue" options.
  • Ask questions in the more popular tumblrs, or simply compliment them. This will make their followers notice you.
  • When someone follows you, follow them back. Now go to their Ask page, and thank them for following you, telling them that you followed back. This will let their followers know that you follow back, and will hence make them follow you.
  • Promote your tumblr in Tumblr's facebook page.
  • Reblog popular content and add your funny/witty/sweet comment at the end of it.
  • And of course, the most important thing: make sure your tumblr is of good quality.


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