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How to get rid of junk files on your computer quick and easy

Updated on April 12, 2012
System Ninja Screenshot
System Ninja Screenshot | Source

Having loads of junk files on your computer can really slow it down and take up unnecessary disk space. This in turn can give you headaches and unpleasant computing experiences. Why go through all of that when you can remove all of this junk with the press of a button.

When you install or uninstall programs, pictures, or any other data bits of that data get left behind as thumbnails and snippet of code, etc... When you browse the internet (hope your using firfox :P), cookies, temp internet files, and more garbage gets left behind on your PC. Windows does include a tool called "disk cleanup" and while it does do a decent job, there is still much more junk left behind.

That is where System Ninja comes in!

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I have used the built in tools that windows gives you for years. I have had some success while using these and they do what they are supposed to do, which is clean the junk out of the basic places on your PC. However, over time, you start noticing that even though you are using "disk cleaner", you are still losing space to some unknown culprit.

3rd party tools often go beyond the obvious scope of where junk files might be hiding, because they have to. That is their sole purpose. If "System Ninja" only cleaned the same files that the windows tool did, why would you go out of your way to download "System Ninja"? You wouldn't. Just the other day, I downloaded "System Ninja" (which is free btw) from I was skeptical at first as there is a lot of freeware out there that also seconds as spamware, malware, and other nasties. After doing some quick MSE and MalwareBytes scanning of the files, they are clean. So no worries there.

After I got "System Ninja" installed, I immediately wanted to see what it could do, so... I started scanning. I usually got around 700-800mb back after I was done with "Disk Cleaner" from Microsoft. After "System Ninja" was done, I got back over 4.5GB worth of space. So, it does work after all. You might see different results depending on the amount of trash on your PC.

So, how do you get rid of junk files on your computer quickly and easy? Give "System Ninja" a try. Just install it and start scanning. It will take between 5-30 minutes depending on the awesomeness of your PC, and you will find more files than "Disk Cleaner" ever could. You also have the option to scan portable devices and more, and it's all free.

I just thought I would pass along my experience because I was completely satisfied and I believe that Singular Labs did an excellent job on this one. I hope it helps you also. Thanks for reading.


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    • mrpudgy profile image

      Clifford Beaver 5 years ago from Winnipeg, Manitoba

      @Shane Gowland

      Noooo problem! Happy to give an awesome product a good word. Thanks for making such a great working product!

    • profile image

      Shane Gowland 5 years ago

      Thank you for this great review. We (SingularLabs) really appreciate the great feedback.

      Best wishes,

      Shane Gowland

    • Khal Blogo profile image

      Khal Blogo 5 years ago from A gas station on the yellow brick road

      Very good hub, voted up and useful.