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How to ignore pending friend requests from people you meet everyday at your Facebook without making yourself look bad

Updated on May 8, 2012

Has it ever happened that you are forced to add and interact with someone at Facebook Just because you see them every day? This Hub is to help you in that situation.

  • If you find the profile of a person you do not want on your Facebook, block him/her immediately. Do not wait till he/she sends you a friend request. If you block them, they won't be able to see your facebook, they won't even know it exists. Even if someone else tells them you have one, they won't be able to find it!
  • If he/she has already sent you a friend request, do not accept or deny it. Keep it hanging like that. That way they won't be able to send you another request. If they ask you face to face why you are not adding them, tell them flat that you didn't get any friend request. Sound and act believable. Tell them you'll check again just in case, and ask them to do so too. When they do, they will see that the friend request is pending. Tell them again that you didn't get it, and blame it on "stupid technical cliches".
  • If they are already on your friend list, the simplest way is to set your settings to let them see minimum. When they comment on a status or photo, just "like" their comment, do not reply and engage in conversation.
  • The more complicated but better way involves you posting a status saying your Facebook has been acting funny, half the pages are not loading, half the apps are not working, and you will deactivate it for a few days. Then deactivate it. A few days later, reactivate it, delete the unwanted friends, and block them immediately. Facebook doesn't send de-friending notifications, so they won't even know that you reactivated your Facebook! In case someone else tells them, again blame it on technology, say you didn't even notice they weren't on your friend list anymore, tell them you'll add them again. The next day, tell them you can't find them, and ask them to find you and send the friend request. They won't find you either. Again blame it on glitches!

I hope it works. If you have any other technique, PLEASE do share in the comments!


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    • profile image

      csmart 5 years ago

      Nice hub and excellent suggestions. If this person is someone you see every day, you shouldn't be forced to be Facebook friends with this person. Furthermore, if this person is your co- worker or a class mate, you should come out and tell that person you don't want to be Facebook friends with that person. Trust me, no one is going to believe those lies about your account malfunctioning or that you didn't get that friend request. You may think that you are going to hurt that person's feelings by being outright but in fact you would hurt that person more by lying.