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How to make your own Blog and Where

Updated on August 28, 2010

What is a Blog?

The word blog came from the combination of words "web" and "log". So basically it is just a on-line journal of some sort where you can post photos, videos, stories, articles, and whatever you want to post. If you think you have interesting stuff to post on blogs and people would want to read and view them then you should start thinking about putting ads on your blog. Yes, you can actually earn money from blogging but you have to know the blogging websites that allow advertisement posts and other affiliate-marketing websites such as Google Adsense or Amazon Affiliate.

So what are the basics?

Well first off you need to think of a concept for your blog. What kind of stuff will you be posting? Travel? Movie reviews? Gossip? Whatever it is, try to make it as original as you can. The competition on the internet is very tough and the concepts and perspectives of what you will be posting need to be unique and interesting. Also, try to relate it to your interests. If you are writing about something that you are truly interested in or passionate in then chances are your blog posts will be very informative and people will enjoy reading them. People will instantly see your sincerity about what you post. People on the internet are sick of spam and blogs that just post entirely for the ads and money.

Once you have thought of a concept, think of a catchy name for it. It has to be something that is easy to remember and not hard to spell. Maybe you can play with words and make it funny or even invent your own word if you want (that's how Google did it right?). Once you have thought of a name then you are ready to create your own blog account.

How to make a Gmail Account
How to make a Gmail Account

Where to make the Blog account

There are many websites out there that host blogs like Wordpress, Typepad, Livejournal, Multiply, Tumblr, etc. But in this article I would recommend that you use Blogspot.

Blogspot is very powerful and at the same time easy to use and easy to learn. And of course, since it is owned by Google, it supports Google ads (and this is the main reason why we want to start your blog). And it does not only limit you to Google Ads, you can put other affiliate marketing ads like Amazon's Affiliate program.

The requirements to start your own Blog are simple. All you need is a Gmail account and you are all set. If you do not yet have a Gmail account then before continuing this tutorial you need to check out the tutorial on How to Make a Gmail Account.

Sign Up for your Blog Account

Once you have a Gmail account. All you need is to just head on to the and sign up for your own blog. Fill up the forms and start your own blog and start posting already. No one likes a blog with no content. So it is better that you fill your blog with content first before advertising it and working on increasing your traffic.

Now that you have a your blog you will be able to create an Google Adsense account and put advertisements in your blog. Go back to the table of contents of these tutorials on the simple steps in making your blog earn money for you and move on to the next steps.


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    • profile image

      chandrakanth 6 years ago

      i have open in new blog spot..

      so i have own create in sign in and sign up method... pls how to create???????

    • szts77 profile image

      szts77 6 years ago from Spain

      Great hub and great advice! But I heard that WordPress is a much more effective and professional service to use as first of all it has a limited amount of graphics you can have on your blog, and also because the content you post there is owned by Google and therefore can be removed at any time. What do you say to that?

      I'd really like to know your opinion because I'm looking to begin a blog and turn it into an actual business at one point, so I want it to be professional but simple to use. I've used Blogger before and thought it was the best one for me, but from all the things I've heard...