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How To Open rar Files For Free | Open .rar On Pc

Updated on December 31, 2013

How To Open Rar Files Without Winrar

Step 1. Download the program to open .rar files 7 zip. This is a free .rar file opener. Install it by following the on screen instructions but select RAR as one of the file types to associate 7-zip with during the installation.

Step 2. All of your .RAR files should now have a 7z in their thumbnails after installation, if they don't as yet, don't worry.

Step 3. Right click your RAR file.

Step 4: Move your mouse onto 7-zip then click Open archive.

Step 3.1 If the 7-zip option is not available follow this procedure:

To open *.rar files. Right click your RAR file and move your mouse onto 'Open With' and select '7-zip file manager' and your file should open.


How to open Rar files 7-zip
How to open Rar files 7-zip

Step 1.
Open 7-zip

Step 2. Search for wherever you saved your file by using one of the three headings (Computer, Documents, Network). For example click Documents if you saved the file in 'My documents' or in a folder in 'My documents'.

Step 3. When you find the file or folder, double click it to open.

.Rar File Opener

How to extract .rar files

Open the RAR folder as indicated above and drag the file to where you want to save it (file can be opened normally after this is done since it would no longer be a RAR file).

How to Open rar Extension files

In this article I will show you how to open RAR files on Windows XP, 7 or vista using free lightweight and fast software.

The Word RAR stands for Roshal ARchive. This often questioned format is commonly called a RAR file type/extension. It is called a file extension because it is found at the end of file names, and is seen as an 'extension' to the length of the name of the file. There are also other file types/extensions such as pdf, zip, doc, xml etc.

Note that a RAR folder does not have to contain only 1 file. The major difference between a RAR and a normal folder is that in a RAR folder the files are compressed to make them smaller for either emailing or to fit on a storage device (CD, DVD, flash drive etc).

How to Identify .rar file type

Right click on the file in question and select PROPERTIES. A new window will open. This window is shown in the picture below.

.rar file type
.rar file type

What we are looking at is the heading "TYPE OF FILE:" and what comes after it. In the above photo, as indicated by the arrow the file type is RAR.

Open *.rar files

I hope this tutorial on how to open .RAR files for free was easy to understand.

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