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How to use Twitter to Support Green

Updated on March 26, 2011

Twitter as Green Tool

Twitter is not only about celeb gossip, geeky talks and social networking campaign tool for presidential election (as used by Mr. President). Twitter can be used in many another useful ways and here I have write down the 10 green use of Twitter, though you can use these tips on other popular microblogging websites like Tumblr and Soup.

You can use the twitter as the Green Machine, can also help people to become Green too.That's also show your concern about Mother Earth. Here are the top 10 ways to use Twiitter to support Green.

Let Tweet Green
Let Tweet Green

Top 10 Twitter Green Use

1. Tell the world, how to use the electricty efficiently.

2. Tell the world, how to use gas and petrol for cleaner tommorow.

3. Aware the people, with the bad industrial practice around the world.

4. Tell the world, advantages of cloth and jute bags over the plastic bags.

5. Tell the world, how to make their home more energy efficient.

6. Tell the world, how to use vehicles wisely  and also when to use them.

7. Tell the world, about more electric effiecient products.

8. Support the Green Peoples and their missions.

9. Aware the people, with health hazards of using non green products

10. Generally Green products are cheap, so aware the people with cheap green alternatives.

Bonus Use

11. Tell the world, how do you contribute to the Greener tommorow.


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