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How to protect your notebook PC when traveling

Updated on June 26, 2010

In my previous article, I explained about How to Protect Your Notebook PC from Overheating. Today, I am going to give some tips for laptop users who like traveling. Notebook PC or laptop for hubbers like us is important. We may see that its price is not expensive but with the files that we have stored in it such as txt. or word document, images and videos that we keep inside the computer, our notebook PC is a valuable investment. If it does not work or stops working when we travel around to distant areas, we may find difficulties in how to retrieve our files back. To prevent it from happening when we travel, please read my advice below:
Carrying case
Always travel with your laptop inside its carrying case. It will protect the computer from high humidity or moisture, high temperature, dust or water. If you don't have the carrying case or bag for your notebook PC, you can order it directly from Amazon.
Extra batteries
When you are traveling to places where there is no electricity, you still can use your laptop for limited period of time. Bring extra battery packs. Charge them before you leave home and use them in rotation. Buy original battery packs manufactured by the computer maker. Because mine is a Toshiba Satellite L-505, I will order the extra batteries that are made by Toshiba.
Set your Notebook PC into eco-Mode
Every new notebook PC has an added function which is called the eco-Mode. It is used to reduce the electrical power consumption by lowering the performance of the computer slightly. For instance, when we use our laptop in eco-mode setting, its screen brightness is reduces and its keyboard back light is turned off. It means when you travel to places with no electrical supply, you can use your laptop with less energy consumption.
Outdoor environment
Travelers often spend their time in outdoor environment, it is better not to leave your notebook PC too long under direct sunlight, wet weather. When you are in a desert, cover your computer with its carrying case to protect it from dust. by Charles Roring


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