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How to recover permanently deleted files in windows7

Updated on February 2, 2017

Are you worried about an important file you have just permanently deleted from your computer by mistake? We have many critically important files on our computers and laptops and this can happen to anyone that a file can be deleted accidently. What exactly can be done to such accidently deleted files. Luckily Windows7 is having different ways to recover permanently deleted files. If you use to create restore points on your system, then you are completely safe. If not, then too up to some extent you can recover permanently deleted files. Let us find out what all you can do to recover permanently deleted files on Windows7.

Method 1: Restore previous versions

This method works on the restore points created on the system or with windows back up which work for drive C by default.

  1. To recover permanently deleted file first of all navigate to the folder which was having this file.
  2. Once you are on the folder right click on it and select


3. You will see properties of the selected folder with “previous versions” tab open. Here you will find a previously backed up version of a folder.


4. As you can see you will find previous versions with date and time you can click on a previous version you want to restore and then you can click on Restore then Apply and Ok. This will restore previous version of the given time and date and you will find the deleted file if you have not deleted it till the given date and time.

5. If you have deleted entire folder then too you can recover it. You simply need to create a folder with exact same name of accidently deleted folder. Now you can right click on the folder and look for previous versions

Note: If you do not find anything in previous versions tab that means protection setting is turned off for that particular drive. Drive protection is by default turned on for drive C: so do not worry If you have deleted anything from drive C: you will be able to recover it. For other folders it is recommended that you should keep protection settings turned on for all drives to be on safer side. Here is how you can turn on protection settings.

1. Go to Control panel>System

2. Now click on system protection given in the right pane.

A new window will be open and you will find protection settings in this window.

4. You can click on the drive for which you want to turn on the protection and click on configure. A new pop up will appear select first option.

“Restore system settings and previous versions of folder” Click apply and ok. And you will find that protection is turned on for the selected drive.

Method 2: Using third party software

There are many third party software which claims to recover permanently deleted files. But many of them will just show you the list of deleted files and when you go to recover them they will ask you to upgrade to full version but some software are comparatively better they allow you to recover a certain number of files for free. To use these software, you simply need to download and install the software and then scan for deleted files. Once your deleted file is found recover it.

If you have deleted a file long back and you want to recover it then too it can be done. For this you have to send your hard disk to technical laboratories. It an expensive process but everything every reached your hard disk have a trace on it and can be partially or fully recovered.

So from now you need not get scared if you have accidently deleted a file it can be recovered and if you have turned on system protection it will work as third layer to prevent accidental deletion.


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