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How to replace my iPad mini screen (Full Process)

Updated on August 30, 2014
broken iPad mini screen
broken iPad mini screen

Should you repair your iPad mini

The majority of people will know someone who has broken their iPad mini screen due to the sheer popularity of the product and durability. The mini was designer to be more practical which means it's more prone to getting damaged in an average persons day. Just think about it this object is designed to it's best ability to go with you everywhere so the odds of it getting damaged is very high.

The process to changing your iPad mini screen is relatively simple but time consuming and you need the right tools. Anybody can do this all it comes down to is that you need to follow the instructions perfectly and have patience with fiddly parts. You will not be able to perform the repair without the correct tools which you can buy from any high end dealer online suck as Amazon, ebay etc.

Things to consider before trying the repair

Without experience this will seem hard and fiddly, Ideally someone with a keen eye and steady hand should do the repair.

  • Repair at your own risk! You may damage something during the repair that may become expensive so please follow instructions carefully and understand this is your choice.
  • Check see if you ipad is under warranty if it is then simply take it to the apple store for repair.
  • find a correct work station, somewhere that is free from damaging the the internals when they are placed down.
  • Make sure you have the right tools for the job, you will not be able to repair this screen yourself without the proper tools.
  • Make sure you buy the right screen for your pad

The majority of people who break their ipad screen try to repair their pads themselves and fail. the only reason people fail is because they miss one of these steps and end up with a pad that is worse off then when they started.

What needs replacing?

The two screen repairs are the glass screen/digitizer or the LCD display, glass screens will only set you back around £30 whereas the LCD display for the Ipad mini can set you back around £190.

Before you can buy replacements and tools for fixing your pad you need to know what is the exact problem. This is fairly obvious, if you can still see and use the screen in full colour and the LCD display is not damaged then you don't need to replace it.

The glass replacement of an Ipad mini is the most common tried and paid for damage on the apple pad. I would always recommend to try this yourself because taking it to a store for repair can set you back £70-£100 depending on the dealer. The tools and screen should only cost you £30 and the labour time is a few hours maximum. Weighing the pro's and cons It is clear that spending £30 and taking 3 hours is better than spending around £80 for a full day waiting.

The Ipad is similar to an Iphone however prices can often vary with repairs. Be careful with where you buy, check around, amazon offer good ipad mini parts like the digitizer, glass screen and smaller parts.

Tools for the job

The basic tool kit for changing your LCD or digitizer is:

  • Wide case opening tool
  • thick pick
  • thin pick
  • suction cup
  • narrow case opening tool
  • pentalobe screwdriver (5 star)
  • phillips screwdriver (cross/plus)

(these usually come in sets)

All these parts are needed from prizing open the screen to adjusting and re-fixing parts down inside the component. Missing any tools? Don't start the repair, ideally you want the pad to be open repaired and then closed. The last thing you want is the ipad left on the side in pieces until you can find the extra tool you need.

Sourcing the right tools is easy, ideally use amazon as they usually offer the best price for relatively reliable tools.

The full process nothing left out

Understanding repair instructions

The video above is the one I personally followed when repairing one I bought off ebay. Not everybody is going to find this one as useful as I have so search key words in Youtube like "ipad mini digitizer replacement full process" or " ipad mini LCD display replacement full process".

The process is too fiddly and long winded to really set out picture and read a hub like this word for word on repairs, youtube is the best tool online for guiding you through this. If the video above isn't good enough just follow other link using the key words and something will be there that is better suited to you.

Ideally watch the full process in detail before buying equipment and attempting your repair. The process is a great way to also make an extra income that you will find hubs with greater detail on this when searched.

Hopefully you find the right solution to your iPad repair, the process will save you money but cost you time. See other similar iPad repairs on my profile such as the iPad air and also iPhone repairs.


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    • profile image

      Jackie 11 months ago

      You didn't mention to unhook the battery first and now my fuse popped. Thanks

    • profile image

      Maris 22 months ago

      thank you!