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How to Fix the Proxy Blocked Potential Virus Error When Trying to Check Email

Updated on January 9, 2018
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Tamara Wilhite is a technical writer, an industrial engineer, a mother of two, and a published sci-fi and horror author.

Proxy Blocked Error Message Example

When a user attempts to access a website, such as Microsoft Hotmail or Microsoft live login, users may receive the following web page results:
Proxy BLOCKED potential VIRUS
The transferred file potentially contained a virus and was BLOCKED by the Corporate Proxies!
Your computer was NOT infected by this download.
VirusName: "McAfeeGW: Script.IFrame.4305"

Url: ""
File: ""

File type: "-"
This notification is to inform you that the page you are trying to access contains a potential virus.
If you believe may be a false positive, and needs to be reviewed, please convey your concerns via Proxy Error Feedback Form for adjudication. Please copy and paste error into description on the form.

In this article, we'll address several ways to resolve the Proxy BLOCKED potential VIRUS error message.

Legitimate websites are sometimes blocked as possible malware sites.
Legitimate websites are sometimes blocked as possible malware sites. | Source

What Causes the Proxy Blocked Error?

Website proxies occasionally generate errors such as "Proxy BLOCKED potential VIRUS - The transferred file potentially contained a virus and was BLOCKED by the Corporate Proxies!" though there was no virus, no download and the web address is safe. Here are steps to troubleshoot and solve the error.

This error message is most common with McAfee Web Gateway proxy but can occur with other McAfee proxy monitoring software versions.

How to Fix the Proxy Blocked Potential Virus Error

1. A single typographical error entering that website, such as .cm instead of .com, can cause this error. This error is occurred when attempting to access Hotmail with the incorrect URL. Verify that you are entering or

2. If your website entry causes this problem, enter or without the http or https in front of the website URL to bypass the redirect that is causing the proxy error.

3. When someone enters the web address, the information for the previously viewed websites may come up in the address bar as they type. When entering the website address, do not select any other websites.

Even those URLs that are within Hotmail but at a deeper level may cause this error. For example, a direct selection of someone's last viewed email message will result in a stale link and result in the Proxy error.

4. This error can be received with redirects to Microsoft Hotmail redirects to recommend signing up for OneCare and other Microsoft products.

When you attempt to access Hotmail, if you repeatedly get directed to the advertising page, it may seem that you cannot get in due to a "potential virus". Close all browser sessions, clear your cookies and cached page, and then enter the correct web address again. The lack of credentials will force the browser to bypass advertising and take you straight to the login website.

5. If the problem occurs repeatedly, your website proxy software may be blocking the site per its "black list" of sites to prevent from loading. Contact the system administrator to have the site made available after they confirm it is safe.

6. If you get the "Proxy BLOCKED potential VIRUS" notice for multiple, unrelated sites, you may have malware on your computer that attempts to direct you to these sites. In this case, update your virus and spyware scanning software and scan your computer at least twice with each tool. Then try to access the site again.


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