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How to share files between computers using Windows 7.

Updated on August 28, 2011

With Windows 7, the process of sharing files between computers has undergone some changes respect to Windows XP and Vista. These changes, according to many people, have made much easier to share files and folders on a local network to the average user. Let's see how.

The first thing to do is to check on each computer connected to the network that the type of LAN is set to “Home network”. In order to do this click “Start”, then “Control Panel” and finally “Network and Sharing Center”. Here you will have to check if on the “View your active networks“ it shows “Home network” with a small house.

If one or more computers are not set to “Home network“, click “Work network” or “Public network” (it depends on what you currently have) and from the new window select “Home network”.

Now, go to the computer where you have the files and folders to share, go to “Network and Sharing Center” from the “Control Panel” and click on “Choose home group and sharing options”. This launches a simple wizard that allows you to decide what content to share and what not, simply by placing a check mark. You can also decide to share the printer on the network.

In the next step you will have to enter the password needed to access the network. Complete the wizard and at this point the computer will be visible to others connected on the same network.


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