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Six Options for Shopping on Etsy

Updated on June 3, 2012

How often do we put in search results into google and only look at the first one or two pages of returned content? By looking at the first few links listed we can tell that the search term we used was too wishy washy and needed to be altered to produce the results we want.

Etsy has devised a method of improving your shopping experience by giving users several options of how to search. Take a look at some not only functional search tools, but fun ones as well!

Locate the search options on the home page, left side, titled "Ways to Shop"

Here is some fabric I could use for making pillows.
Here is some fabric I could use for making pillows.

Shop by colors

The first option on the ways to shop is to shop by color. Choosing this will bring up a color palette where you can hover over small colored dots to find the exact color you are searching for. Once you have found the color simply click on it to retrieve items matching that color.

I am currently using this feature for our family room where we are going for a beach theme, so I have been using the colors sea foam green and sandy brown to find items that would create this theme.

Once you click you may notice the items are small thumbnails and are stacked on top of one another. You can click and drag items to the side to view items underneath, as well as you can click the item to get the price and product description. Super handy!

If you want to view more than the couple of items they show for the color chosen, simply move the thumbnailed items to the side and re-click the same color to get new products.

A list of treasuries under the search term of 'beach'
A list of treasuries under the search term of 'beach'
A closer look at someone's treasury that I liked under the search term 'beach'
A closer look at someone's treasury that I liked under the search term 'beach'


Treasuries are user submitted and are put together using a topic of choice. The creator of the treasury finds items on Etsy that relate to the theme they have chosen and then post it for the whole Etsy community to view and comment.

This is my favorite way to search Etsy because I will always find someone who has similar tastes as I do, and they just went through all the work to locate a handful of items I am interested in. Saves me time and I find a good themed set that may work well together for decorating or dressing up.

The options available
The options available
Pouncing the new shops
Pouncing the new shops


Pounce is an interesting feature in that it allows you to either choose to get a random list of never before discovered shops (meaning no sales as of that date), or you can choose shops that just had a sale.

If you aren't looking for anything in particular, this feature is good for getting quick looks at shops inventory, allowing you to get a flavor of what is available on Etsy.

Shop Local

It is always nice to see what is available where you are, and may end up nixing the shipping if the seller allows you to pick it up locally.

We had on buyer who asked if she could come try on a vintage dress before she bought it. We never had experienced it but it allowed for building good customer relations as well as solidifying a sale. So yes, she bought the dress and she didn't have to pay shipping.

A cool feature built into this search is that besides just shopping by location you can actually type in phrases like, "Vintage hand bags in Vancouver, Washington" and get more specific results in your area.

The Time Machine

This feature ranks up with treasuries for me. Here you can view recently listed items, about to expire items, and just sold items.

I love the ability I have to scroll and see the items as they are being listed or being sold, and it gives you the ability to stop and go back whenever you choose. Using this search allows you to get a quick look at the item and the price. Clicking the actual item square will bring you to the item's page to get more details and pictures, and from there you can make a purchase.

I guess I really just like the real time posting of items, it makes it kind of exciting to see what is there. So this isn't a good search if you know exactly what you want, but is rather fun and helpful if you are browsing and impulse buying!

My wife skateboards. I admit, she is so much cooler than me, and proud of it.
My wife skateboards. I admit, she is so much cooler than me, and proud of it.

Gift Ideas

The most interesting search feature, gift ideas allows you to connect to facebook and then select friends to get ideas of what they like based from their profiles. Scary and cool all at the same time.

However, it is still a neat concept if you don't mind allowing Etsy to gain access to your's and your friends information. Etsy does keep your gifting secret, so no wall posts of what you are searching.

Take a look at gift ideas I got for my wife. Not sure where the Pokemon fit in, I will have to chat with her about that.

I have never enjoyed searching for items as much as I have with Etsy. This site provides so many search options it is difficult to not find something that you would love to purchase.


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