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How to solve RAM decresing problem in smart phone

Updated on May 13, 2012

It is a common problem in all smart phones that the RAM is decreasing continuously if you keep it switched on slowing down the phone. This phenomenon is more evident in low end smart phones like galaxy 5 and galaxy 3. It is easy to resolve this problem

Why this problem occurs?

It is a common phenomenon in all devices which posses one RAM. Consider your computer, if it is kept on for 2 or 3 days the free RAM will decrease. This is mainly due to unwanted softwares running in background and some minute errors occuring during the working are the reasons of reduction in RAM. Surely this will slow down your system or phone.


How to solve the free RAM decreasing problem in smart phones

The best solution is to install some good task killing applications. As this problem is most severe in low end android phones like Galaxy 5 and Galaxy 3, let us consider best android task killing application.

Advanced Task Killer for android phones

I used Advanced task killer in galaxy 5 and experienced a considerable improvement in its performance. In a galaxy 5 the maximum free RAM that you can see is 105MB this can be achieved through advanced task killer only.

Suppose you do not have any task killing application, maximum free RAM you may see is 70MB only.

To solve the free RAM decreasing problem, do the following steps after installing advanced task killer in a daily routine.

1. Open advanced task killer

2. Open the settings menu and select the auto kill level- There you can see Disable, Safe, Moderate, Aggressive, Crazy levels of auto killing. Select either Aggressive or Crazy

3.Then select the auto killing frequency from the setting menu itself. Select it as 'When screen is locked'

4.Leave the application running without killing it.

5.Lock the screen and leave the phone for 1 or 2 minutes.

Now while unlocking the screen you can see that your available free RAM has been increased to maximum. Select the options to initial state by disabling autokilling.

If you repeat this process daily once your phone will be fast for ever. I had seen complaints of many smart phones users saying that they have to restart their phones daily to keep it fast. Actually this is the task that is to be done to avoid this available free RAM decreasing problem


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    • pinappu profile image

      pinappu 4 years ago from India

      Android phones with 256 MB RAM are unusable. The phones with 512 RAM is not very much capable too. You need to have 1 GB RAM to ensure smooth operation and run heavy games and apps.

    • profile image

      Tine 5 years ago


      Check this out before you install a task killer