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How to sort bulk email addresses using Open Office 3

Updated on September 2, 2015

Step 1

Copy email addresses from column "C" to columns "E" and "F".

Open Office 3 - Copy email address column

Step 2

Email addresses need to be highlighted. Go to Toolbar and select Data/Text By Columns

Open Office 3 - Use data/text by columns


Under "Separated By", unclick everything except "other" and add "@" in the box to the right. Look at the bottom to see the changes it made. It separated the domain name. Click on "Ok" and the string of the domain name to the left of the "@" symbol will show up in the column to the right. Here it is in column "D".

Open Office 3 - Email address domain added to new column

Step 4

Highlight email addresses in column "D" and "E". Go to toolbar and select "Data/Sort". Click on "Options". Only check box "Include Formats". Click on "Sort Criteria" to the left of the "Options" tab. Select "Sort by" ascending order and choose "Column D" from the drop down menu. Click on "Ok". Both columns "D" and "E" are now sorted.

Open Office 3 - Sort email addresses

Step 5

Now that columns "D" and "E" are sorted, you can eyeball the results in column "E" against column "F". Select the domains you want to use and copy/paste to column "G". I have only selected 1,000 records at a time. I do not know the capacity able to sort but the process goes fast enough so keep the records in smaller batches (1,000 to 2,000).

Open Office 3 - Sorted email addresses for easy selection


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