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How to spot a fake R4DS without removing the sticker or checking the microchip under the shell

Updated on May 9, 2012

Scenario: You just bought a new shiny R4 card, but your worried if you got scammed... Or your bored and you want to know if its fake...

There are two ways of spotting a fake R4DS. The first way is simple. You should only have an R4DS. This means that if you bought something such as R4DS SDHC then you have been scammed. The following fake R4 clones are: R4DS SDHC, R4DS III, R4DS III Upgrade, R4i Gold, R4 Gold, R4i SDHC, R4i III, etc. One more thing about the box... At the bottom of the box, check the website. If it's not or then you have been scammed.

The second way is a little harder than just looking at the box. First, put one finger on the bottom of your R4 card, and another finger on the top of your R4 card. Next, squeeze the R4 card. Does the plastic feel thin, does it make a clicking sound, or both? If yes, then it's a scam. Now, put your finger on the sticker on your R4 card. Feel it. Does the plastic feel thin? Or does it feel like there's holes under the sticker? If the plastic feels thin, it's a scam. If it feels like there are holes under it, peel part of the sticker off. If there is a microchip under it, then you have been scammed.

I hope you haven't been scammed! Thanks for reading, and I hope this article helped you determine whether your R4DS is fake or not.


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