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How to start your own website? Create your own website for free

Updated on March 11, 2016

How to start your own website? Create your own website for free

Most people like to create their own website but often wonder how to do it. I would like to teach you the basics of creating and owning a website here in this hub. I would also like to explain how to create and own sites Free of cost. There are some advantages and privileges in paying and having your own domain name. There are some basic costs involved in owning a website. They are Domain name Registration, domain Hosting charges, Software cost etc.

Domain Name: You can register and buy your own domain name for around $10 per year. If you have your own domain name, you websites will appear as <>. Websites that are created free of cost don’t have their own domain name and use the webhost’s domain name instead. Example, <>. Having own domain name offers proprietary ship as well as identification for the long term.

Webhosting charges: Webhosts charge around $10 per year for webhosting. Some offer discounts as well.

CMS (content management system) is a program that lets you create WebPages and modify them. DreamWeaver CS6 is a professional webmaster tool. There are free CMS programs available as well. If you wish to add graphics to your website, you will need a separate program for designing and editing pictures.

How to create a Free Website: There are many companies that offer free webhosting. If you wish to cut webhosting and domain registration charges or if you are a student involved in non-professional web creation work for the sake of hobby, you could sign with a variety of sites that offer webhosting facility for free. Some offer their service completely free while others offer limited-period free services. Some offer paid partner service

Free Website Community Platforms: Community platforms like,,, and offer webhosting services for free. There is no need for writing HTML code or software installation to create content for your websites as these platforms offer these services for free. Further, sites created using these platforms offer good SEO rankings and appear in search engine results. Hence you obtain the double benefit of free content hosting as well as high traffic generation. These free platforms have become so popular over the years that millions of users on the internet prefer to read articles created using these tools than paid stand-alone websites.

Apart from free webhosting, they offer specialised content tools and capsules like Photos, Graphics, Poll, RSS feed, Links, comments etc. You could also advertise your site on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc is one of the most popular free website platforms in the world. You get the option of premium upgrade also. All you need to do is login and start creating your websites. offers many specialized tools and templates to create your websites. offers similar facilities too. Hubpages offers high SEO rankings

Make money: These free platforms also offer you the opportunity to make money by taking part in affiliate programs like Google Adsense, eBay, Amazon etc. A small portion of the revenue will be taken as webhosting charges.


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