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How to track down your adsense earnings from

Updated on July 29, 2009

Sometimes, yo want to know how many clicks you have got from Hubpages or any other Revenue sharing program. Is'nt it? Well, you can by the use of Channels on Google Adsense

To track down your adsense earnings on, you need to create a channel for your hubpages

Login in your adsense and go to Adsense Setup. For each hubpages, Create a Channel that starts with Note that the Channel name should start with otherwise Google wont be able to track the hits.

If you want to have 1 Channel for all your hub pages, simply create a channel like* to count all your Hubs.

It is unfortunate, however that we cannot put as many channels as we want and Google Adsense Program has put a restriction on the number of channels you can create at a time.

You can also use Google Analytics to see from where traffic is coming to your hubpages and time your visitors has spent on your pages

Why do you think Google has give limited Channels to publishes

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    • nokimchen profile image

      nokimchen 6 years ago from Mumbai

      How can i track the visitors referrer to my docstoc page 'cus there is no option for analytics??

    • vaalion profile image

      vaalion 7 years ago

      Thanks for the information, as I googled this I figured what would come up would be a hubpage and yup!

      Thanks especially for the* channel tip, I did not want to add all my hubs due to the 200 channel limit so I added that one + the one that I get almost all my views from :)

    • jaymelee23 profile image

      jaymelee23 7 years ago from United States

      I wish that Adsense would allow tracking on unlimited URLs. Its a bummer.

    • alexatomas profile image

      alexatomas 7 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

      Thank you. That's what I've been searching for.

      Most of my earnings I don't know where they come from and that really bothers me, because I wanted to know WHERE am I making money.

      Now, I can find out if it's from HP. Thanks

    • AlexRad profile image

      Alexander Radich 7 years ago from Kiev

      Great tips. I set a new channel, and hopefully it will work, I could not figure out the asterisk ))

    • profile image

      Curly Shoelaces 7 years ago

      That is an interesting poll question. I have often wondered why there is a limit myself.

    • profile image

      callstar 7 years ago

      I think google has changed this now, they have a lot more now.

      Thanks for the info!

    • Canklefish profile image

      Bizz 7 years ago from East Coast

      Thanks for publishing this informative Hub. Short and sweet, I've set the channel for all my Hubs using the asterisk.

      This will greatly help. Now I'm off to see how to do the same with Google Analytics.

      Great Hub