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How to troubleshoot computer if nothing comes on screen

Updated on April 21, 2012

If nothing comes on your screen, surely it is hardware problem. Now the job it to find which portion of the hardware is under faulty condition

Checking should start with whether the led light of cpu is blinking.

If the light in cpu is not blinking, it shows that cpu is not working. It can due to two reasons. one- power failure to cpu, two- hardware failure in cpu.

First check whether it is power failure to cpu - ie test whether there is supply in the socket of ups using a tester. If no supply, repair ups otherwise problem is inside cpu.

If the problem is inside CPU- To check which part of cpu is in faulty condition

1. First check the SMPS supplying power to different parts inside cpu. To check whether SMPS is working, check whether the fan in smps is working. It can be checked by checking whether there is the sound of fan. If sound is not there, repair SMPS

2.Otherwise complaint can be for any part inside CPU. In this case it is better to repair CPU by giving to some professional servicing centre.

If the light in cpu is blinking, it shows that CPU is working. If still nothing comes on monitor that can be due to many reasons

1. First check whether it is due to dust problems in RAM. To do that open CPU cabinet. Then pull the RAM which is a long and thin board inserted vertically in the RAM slot. Now clean the bottom of the RAM using a neat cloth. Then reinsert RAM properly. Be sure that RAM is inserted properly, ie the side clips are properly closed.

2. If cleaning RAM does not solve the problem, it is good to check whether it is the problem of monitor. To check monitor, first verify the led in monitor showing power supply to it is glowing. If it is not glowing, check the power connection to monitor. If power connection is okey, check whether it is internal problems of monitor. For that shut down the computer and remove the data connection of monitor to CPU. Now turn on the power supply to monitor. Now if the monitor is working, an icon showing serial port connection absence will be displayed. Otherwise it is monitor problem, give the monitor to service centers

3. The above two are the problems that can be checked easily, if these are not your problem it is better to give the cpu to some servicing centre.


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    • Emmanuel Marosi profile image

      Emmanue Marosi 5 years ago from Madang, Papua New Guinea

      great troubleshooting tips. keep them flowing

    • vinner profile image

      vinner 7 years ago from India

      Thanks for the comment. I am writing more trouble shooting tips please check them also

    • Santoshwrites profile image

      Santoshwrites 7 years ago from Mumbai Maharashtra India

      Good and easy tips