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Getting the best view in PowerPoint

Updated on November 18, 2017
Jacqueline Stamp profile image

Jacqueline has over 10 years' experience in Business and Education as a creator and user of effective and engaging PowerPoint presentations.

It happened again last night!

An eminent speaker in a large meeting hall had no idea that he needed to switch his PowerPoint presentation into Slide Show mode, or how to do it.

This is no rare occurrence, so I have prepared the following instruction sheet as an aid to anyone else who is unaware of this simple technique for displaying and viewing a PowerPoint presenation.

I've shared this information infinitesimal times with students, who complain that the internet links 'don't work' on the presentations I share online with them, so at last I now have a handout I can give them about it!

The other 'tricks' to using PowerPoint presentations effectively are:

  • use images to enhance your words and not to detract from them
  • only include the key facts or instructions on the slides
  • use bullet points to emphasise these facts and instructions
  • expand verbally on the words that are on the slides; you should be saying about 10 times as much as you have written on the slides
  • never read your slides to your audience - they can probably do that for themselves!
  • keep your slides to a minimum; 6-8 slides is about right for a 45-60 minute talk or a 90 minute lesson

© 2015 Jacqueline Stamp


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