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How useful are YouTube Favorites?

Updated on June 22, 2013

A hidden gem

When people think of YouTube promotion, the two things that immediately spring to mind are increasing their view count and also increasing the number of likes that their video has. However, a trend that I've started to notice is that an increase in the number of favorites in your video can also increase the view count of your video.

The reason behind this may be that because people have enjoyed your video and subsequently favorited it, they'll end up watching it again and this in turn raising the view count of the video. The other reason is that because it's been added as a favorite, it's helping to increase it's social presence on YouTube it'll help to increase its ranking. In turn, this can help to bring in even more views since your video will be higher up in the search results when they type in a selected keyword.

A look at the stats

From the photo above, it can be seen that there is some degree of correlation between favorites being added and also views coming into the video. Whilst it'll never be a perfect 1:1 ratio it does suggest that one if mutually beneficial to the other. It appears that this is a factor that not many people have touched upon before, otherwise they'd all be using favorites to help increase their view count.

Now, this won't always result in an increase in views, it's dependant on numerous factors. This includes the age of your video, it's length, it's quality, and it's title and keywords. All of these factors are crucial when it comes to ranking the video and only focusing in one area when promoting your videos online is a sure fire why to limit your videos potential.

How do you get these YouTube favorites?

One way that you can get a favorite added to your video is simply by people enjoying it and then adding it to their list. However, after people watch a video on YouTube, they may not always add it to their favorites list.

Another way to get these favorites added to your video is to pay a vendor to add them to your video for you. However, one of the problems is that some sellers claim that they add real favorites to your video when actually all they're doing is added fake ones generated by bots. The problem with this is that these are removed pretty much as soon as they've been added and this results in you losing your money because of this. Also, these sellers normally do it through their own site and as such you've got no comeback when the favorites are removed.

However, I am currently offering the delivery of real YouTube favorites through Fiverr. Not only will I never use automated or bot software, but because it's through Fiverr, you've got an extra level of peace of mind. If you feel that you would like to take advantage of this system and have favorites added to your video, you can place an order at Fiverr by clicking on this text.

Thanks for reading and I hope this Hub will be of some use to you.


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