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How to Avoid Paying too much for Satellite TV

Updated on June 2, 2011

People don't talk about it very much... Most people just continue to pay their contributions to satellite companies every month, from $50 to $100 dollars, or even more, and continue to think it is normal. But the reality is that you are being lead to a mistake every single day you watch TV.

That was my situation a few months ago. I would pay BIG bucks every month, more than a thousand dollars per year, just to watch some of the programs that I liked. Companies sold me all their junk channels, and I have to buy it just to get a few of the programs that I really enjoyed!

Although this seems normal for many people, it has always been outrageous for me. I worked hard, and didn't have much time to watch TV, but every month I had to pay the full bill of more than one hundred dollars per month. And if I didn't pay the full package, with thousands of junk channels, I couldn't see the very few channels that were really important for me.

I will show you, however, that nowadays you don't need to continue in like way. I will show you what the big satellite and cable companies don't want you to know: you can get digital quality satellite TV from the Internet by a fraction of the price you have to pay to your local company.

You don't need to pay hundreds of dollars to get the best of digital TV. This is what your cable and satellite company want: to profit thousands of dollars per year from you.

Do you know that there is a better way to get TV at your home without paying the prices these companies want to force you to pay? The Internet has made it possible: no cables, no fussy satellite antennas in your porch, no hassle, only the best digital quality TV in your home.

How to get digital TV without a satellite?

The TV industry don't want you to know the truth.... Clearly, they want to continue making billions of dollars out of the millions of people who don't know that they can get TV from the Internet. Do you want to be one of the losers, or the one that will save money like me, and get into the wave of the future?

The Internet has made it possible to download high quality content in a fraction of the time necessary to setup a digital satellite antenna. Have you ever watched youtube in your computer? I bet yes, and I bet you have thought: why is not possible to see my favorite programs on the computer?

The real answer is that it is possible, but powerful companies don't want to let you know the truth. Cable as well as satellite companies want to keep the monopoly of the TV market, where just a handful of companies are allowed to distribute TV content using traditional means.

Think about this for a minute: cable systems and satellites are regulated by governments, therefore, only a small number of companies can have access to the medium. On the other hand, the Internet is free, independent of any government. Information can flow freely on the Internet, which is not the case on the proprietary cable and satellite systems.

What channels can you get in your computer?

That is where things get nice... The Internet has created so much competition among content providers, that you can get all your preferred channels for a fraction of the price of what you pay for Satellite TV. It is a reliable service, and best of all, you are NOT slaved into a contract that has a lot of penalties for early termination.

I tested many of the solutions that have been created, and I feel confident enough to recommend this kind of software to most PC users. The market for Satellite TV through the Internet is still in its infancy, but many packages have the necessary quality that you would expect.

The following is just a small list of types of channels that you can have access for free once you get a package for TV access from the PC:

  • Sports
  • News
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Weather
  • Kids Channels
  • Educational
  • Shopping
  • Clips

TV from PC software uses the most sophisticated Internet technology to achieve high quality picture and digital sound over the web. This kind of software is doing for TV content what Skype did for telephony: is helping free people from the hands of the monopoly of Satellite and cable TV.

How much does it cost to have Satellite TV?

Think about it for an instant: how much do you spend on Satellite or cable TV per year? It is money that is going to the drain, because you will never recover it... If you have been doing it for a few years, you have paid a lot of money that could be going to buy something that you truly enjoy. Instead, much of this money is sucked by satellite and cable companies.

Now, internet TV packages offers truly innovative technology that will allow you access hundreds of channels for free, and you can keep some of this money for you. Such packages require only ONE small fee for unlimited use. Everything else (the content) is made available by the traditional content providers over the Internet.

Additional Advantages

The best thing about new technologies is that they gives much more than we expected. In the case of Internet based digital TV, you also get much more than you had with traditional Satellite TV and cable TV. Consider the following advantages.

International channels: With traditional Satellite TV and cable companies, you have only a small selection of International channels. Even then, you have to pay for special packages that are sometimes the double of the normal price. With software for TV, since a web-based system is used, there is no difference between local channels and international channels! You can get all these channels with the same quality.

This way, you can get information from all over the world without paying any extra money. If you want to learn a new language, this is the perfect solution: watch international TV while taking a language course, and this will increase ten-fold you comprehension and language skills.

Conclusion: Free from Cable and Satellite TV

The conclusion of the search for free TV is positive: It is possible, due to the Internet, to get TV channels without loosing thousands of dollars per year. We should let as many people as possible to know about that.


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