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Huawei IDEOS U8150, entry level smart phone with Android 2.2 Froyo

Updated on September 5, 2010
Huawei IDEOS U8150
Huawei IDEOS U8150


Huawei, Chinese telecom giant has recently announced its new phone IDEOS U8150 based on Android 2.2 Froyo OS. The company is known for supplying telecom infrastructure where it has gained major market share. With IDEOS, the company seems to be seriously trying for a share in mobile handset market. The phone is priced at $130 and will be available sometime in the month of October 2010. The phone has an attractive feature set for the price and makes a very good value for money handset. Huawei is in talks with major carriers to make this phone even more attractive on contract. The phone targets young customers with this price and features and depending on the actual pricing, Huawei might be having a winner at hand.


  • 528 MHz Processor
  • 2.8″ capacitive touch screen – QVGA (320×240 px)
  • 3.2 MP auto focus camera(withou flash)
  • 512MB ROM/256MB RAM
  • External memory support upto 16gb using MicroSD
  • WiFi / Bluetooth / Micro USB
  • Mobile Hotspot
  • Accelerometer - Motion Sensor
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • MicroSD Support
  • Colors - Black, Blue, Purple, Yellow
  • 1200mAh battery
  • Dimensions: 104 × 54.8 × 13.5mm


The main features of phone include Android 2.2 Froyo OS(stock version without any customization), 3G, GPS, WIFI, Capacitive touch screen, uses a micro USB port for charging and data.

The phone uses micro USB port for charging and data transfer. This is a big plus for those who use their phone for accessing internet. When the phone is connected through USB port for data access, the phone also gets charged and is always ready to go.

The capacitive touch screen makes the navigation a breeze. Its good to see this economical phone sporting a capacitive screen while many of the expensive phones are still coming with resistive screens.

Two cool features of Android 2.2 that I should mention are the mobile hotspot capability and support for Flash 10.1. With hotspot capability, you can turn your phone into a wifi router so that your laptop or other wifi devices can connect to it and make use of its data connection(especially great if you have an unlimited 3G plan). Up to 8 devices can be connected this way. Flash 10.1 means that you can even browse the websites with flash content which are normally not accessible from through mobile devices due to lack of proper flash support.

Negative side

Small screen, 528MHz processor, absense of flash and the brand name, but at this price point these really doesn't matter.


Capacitive touch screen, Android 2.2, Price, Android Market, Flast 10.1 support. These features are extremely appealing especially at the price point that this phone is going to be released. While most phones from big players are still to get Android 2.2, the IDEOS is being launched with this and that’s a big plus.

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