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Human brain is by far superior to present day computers!

Updated on February 10, 2016

We must understand the power of human brain!

Our brain capability is really great. Today, we all appreciate the strides in computer technology, software engineering and internet as well as mobile technology! No doubt, the achievements by researchers in each such field are really exemplary. But many of us are still unaware of the huge capabilities of human brain. Many of us may be aware that we are utilizing less than 5% capabilities of the brain and the rest is unutilized. Even great scientists like Einstein and Edison might have used a little less than 10% of brain.

The next question is ‘if one is able to live with mere 5% of brain, why god has granted such powerful brain? Like the DNA, our brain too contains all the information from the beginning of our life on earth from the most primitive stages like mineral and plants. None is interested in deciphering such secrets. I was once skeptical about the stories about Yama, the god of death and his chief accountant “Chitragupta”. These are revealed in many scriptures and epics. I realized the truth about their relevancy only after reading an episode from the incidents in the life of Sathya Saibaba when he revived Waltair Cowan from certain death thrice! When breath or life has left the body of Cowan, he was conscious of the happenings further. He felt very happy to get relieved from the bodily tabernacle with all the ailments associated with old age like breathing problem, cardiac problem and many complications arising out of blood pressure and Diabetes. He saw Saibaba and Cowan accompanied Saibaba to a place higher up.

There was a big building and Saibaba entered the hall and he spoke to the “Judge” there that Cowan may be returned back to earth since he has many unfinished works. The judge immediately called for the scrolls which contain the incidents of life of Cowan, not only in this birth, but in many previous births also. The readings pertained to many incarnations in different nations. They were in many languages. Cowan was able to understand some of the previous incarnations since he was accustomed to those languages. Over all, he understood that he always strived for peace and harmony and led a truthful life altogether. Once he was a minister in a Kingdom. Likewise, the scrolls revealed many points in his life. Finally, the judge conceded that Cowan may be returned to earth! From this episode, I realized that there were various departments in the otherworld and like the administration on earth; many demigods are assigned different departments which pertains to human beings on earth. We boast about the internet and connectivity, which has enabled everyone to access all information from other parts of the world which pertains to different subjects.

Hence, even before the invention of internet connectivity in the recent decades, the history of many thousands of years of each and every human being is minutely recorded in the scrolls of the other world and a Chief Accountant like Chitragupta handles the above portfolio. Finally Waltair Cowan entered back in his body and he was alive after the Doctors pronounced his death. After his revival Waltair Cowan has sincerely recorded all the above in tapes and sent it to some of his close associates in US. Even now we can now access the events from searching the web! Hence, those truths enshrined in the scriptures are not fiction but real. Many people still do not believe in the incarnations of Rama and Krishna. They question, how this can happen? How such miracles were performed by Krishna or even by Jesus? They feel that the scriptural texts are mere imaginations of certain people, who want to benefit by such stories. Shri Rama and Shri Krishna were real beings who were born on earth and lived and performed many tasks which are now considered monumental.

As a mark of Rama’s birth, there are places of historical importane like the City Ayodhya, the river Sarayu which is connected in many ways with Rama’s journey to forest, The Dhandakaranya forest, Chitrakuta hill, Sri Lanka, where the mighty Ravana ruled and abducted Sita and kept in a garden, the Palk straits, and even the remnants of the bridge constructed by Rama’s army to Lanka.

To prove the reality behind Krishna’s life, there are several places proclaiming his acts in Mathura, Brindavan, Gokulam etc. Recently, archeological experts have found the Dwaraka city beneath the sea in Gujarat. Hence nothing mentioned in the epics Ramayana and Mahabarath is fiction! People possessed several abilities greater than the present day scientists and researchers. Ravana was driving a chariot through the air by mere chanting of certain formulae. Arrows which were potent to cause destruction of the enemies in manifold ways were used by the warriors in ancient time. There were many sages who were able to visualize the happenings elsewhere in the globe through their mental vision like “clairvoyance and other capabilities” There were mental transmission of thoughts across the globe like the present day telephone! We rely upon gadgets whereas they used their brain!



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