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Hydrogen as fuel

Updated on September 4, 2012

Using hydrogen possibilities

In urge of new and renewable power osuces, to satisfy the need for electric power, scientists and engineers are facing new challenge. How to extract elelctric energy from the power of hydrogen? There are exepriments udergoing at the moment. This article is written just to inform all of you that someone is working on resolving the problem.

Scientists from Australia experimented the possibility of this theory. They have evidence that hydrogen could be released and after that absorbed by another material. By this conclusion, they actually have overcome the obstacle of using hydrogen as alternative fuel. The first thing they did was the production of nanoparticles from Natrium Borohydride. On these particles there is a nickel shell applied.This shell has proven its great qualities in hydrogen storage and its release in case of very low temperatures.

The chief of the scientific team announced that no one so far succeeded to produce these particles. The hydrogen is considered to be the fuel of the future. This kind of fuel would be used to satisfy the needs for energy for cars, buildings and will satisfy many other needs.

The basics of this experiment is absed on the simplicity of borohydrid's and their ability to absorb and release energy. Chemical reactions during the release and absorption of the oxygen are quicker, compared to this process in other materials. In its natural form, the borohydride releases energy when the temperature is set to 550 degrees Celsius. With the new shell applied, minimal energy release has been noticed on 50 degrees Celsius, while significant energy release was noticed on a temperature of 350 degrees Celsius.

In conclusion, scientists say that they are able to control the size and architecture of these nanoparticles and their abilities, and people should soon expect a new type of fuel for their vehicles.

Hope to see that remarkable experiment come true very soon.


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