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I T - B T - I S - B M - C A & All Engineers [ Except Doctors and Advocates ] Dream Home in Bangalore.

Updated on February 18, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

You can buy a 1001 homes here.

Media Jumps up on the Builders Wagon.

Dream Home Makers.

Youngsters Looking at their Dream Home Pictures.

You are WelCome

Crowed on other side.

Miniature Table Top Model Apartments.

No Refrigirators but Apartments.

Not a Coffee Shop but a Builder's Stall.

Here you are see your Dream Home Naked.

A view of the Unmade Road.Can say Naked.

Window View from your Flat.

A View of another side.

From the Balcony you see.

We came straight from the Expo Hall here 15 KM.

Yet another Apartment

No Steps to Claimb.

No problem with knee pain.

The Main Entrance.

From the 18th Floor View Down.

All the way but why pay high to come so high.

The Kitchen.

The Utility Corner.

Dream Your Home - Super - Luxury - Very Big - Big - Medium - Small and Single - All Sizes you can see Select as per Budget.

Bangalore is seeing a huge surge in Apartment Builders of all Sizes Tata & Godrej included in hundreds of builders who are new yet made impressive show of capabilities and their sale technique in Marketing their Projects being built say 100 flats per day per builder.Which means if among 100 builders 50 builders build at the rate of 100 Flats in 20 projects,how much it will come per year - and if 2 million people want a Dream Home when can and in how many days all the 2 million get their homes - Somebody get me calculator.

Don't worry about the calculator its no use it cannot calculate in millions and billions besides who knows how many zeros to put it will be a mess,better not show wrong figures.

Why should we leave filthy rich doctors and advocates,because they need to be on the ground to get clients,who will enter apartments 19 floor high with all people from Bihar,Orisa,Sikim and Maoist countries clad in any fancy uniform and pose as security guards at gates with broken dot pens or with only refills held with a big full scape big note book and ask you to enter your name and any 10 digt number starting with 9 mobile number,once this is done you can go in to knife anyone who might have woke up with a black cat seen in his dream.This may not happen as these guys themselves are Maoists and can catch a Maoist.

People who buy these apartments are Information Technology,Computer Geeks,Software Engineers,Engineers from other faculty,Aero Space,Aeronautics,Agro Industry,H M T,H A L,B E L,L R D E,D R D O,Electronics and Electrical and all Household Agents and Dealers,Toyota Auto,Bosch,Bio Tech,I S R O,College Faculty,Research Organizations,Students,Employees in hi tech Industry,Civilians working with the huge base of Army,Navy and Air force,Hospitality Industry workers with high salary,Hospital staff with high salary,Infrastructure giants and its huge highly skilled workforce drawing high salary,NRI'S as Investors who buy Flats in any locality at high prices in order to avoid tax,which they would have to pay on interest they receive on fixed deposits in nationalized banks or any bank.Govt servants parking their money in these high cost flats instead of banks.Senior citizens dumped in these flats by their NRI kids with all care by imported servants from other states to look after them.I was told few beggars were staying in some cheap flats who would change their dress in public toilets.

That is the craze for Home or DREAM HOME - In Bangalore Now.


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