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IDoneThis: An email based productivity log

Updated on May 18, 2011

A “subtle yet powerful motivator.” was what a user wrote about IDoneThis. A simple-to-use but powerful daily logger and motivator.

At its core, iDoneThis is really simple. First, you register with your email id and a password in a single shot - there is no email verification.

Then, every evening, iDoneThis sends you an email asking you "What have you done today?". You reply to the mail and it stores your entry as a log for the day.

You can pull up your calendar view anytime by visiting iDoneThis later. And sending the email is the only way to update the calendar.

Initially, I thought, well this is really simple…and started using it. But as the owner describes it, "inch-by-inch, everything is a cinch!". After about a month of logging, it felt really awesome to go back and look at the previous entries. Its amazing to see how much a person can do in a month. Most of the time, we forget about all those things that we've achieved and life appears dull.

IDoneThis is a fantastic way to motivate yourself, look at your life in retrospect and feel great about yourself in general. And after a month of usage I can definitely say its worth it. Don't take my word for it though, head over to their blog and read about the many stories that entrepreneurs, designers and developers are saying about iDoneThis after using it.

Lifehacker thinks that "(iDoneThis) is great for a little motivation boost!", and the Next Web also has a little blurb that talks about it. They've got 5000 users and they are growing fast!

Try it out, a mail a day can't hurt, especially when its all about you! :)


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