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Updated on December 16, 2009

The pressure vessels cylinder are used for storage of fluids under pressure, great care must be given in designing these vessels. The fluid pressure is exerted equally in all directions upon the cylinder walls and ends with equal intensity. If a fluid pressure with in a cylinder is 5o N/mm2, every square millimeter of the inner surface of the cylinder is subjected to a force of 50 N, which is an intrenal loading that must be safely carried by the cylinder. The result is that this internal loading subjects certain sections of the cylinder wall to definite tensile loads. The involved areas must be large enough so that in setting up a tensile resistance equal to the total tensile load, each square millimeter of the section will be subjected to a safe working stress.

            Extreme care is design must be exercised because rupture of a pressure vessel means an explosion with the accompanying possibility of loss of human life and property.


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