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ION Audio USB Portable Tape-to-MP3 Player and Cassette Converter

Updated on July 21, 2013


Discarding items around the house just because they have not been used in one year can be a bad idea. The concept is understandable but when it is something that is loved there is always a chance that you can make good use of it later on – even years later.  The Ion Audio USB Portable Tape-to-MP3 Player is an excellent example. If you have old cassette tapes stored away somewhere they can now be converted to MP3s. Relive the moment and bring those great old songs from the past into the present.


The ION Tape-to-MP3 is a cassette tape player (Tape Express) and converter all in one. It can be operated via USB connection or by battery power.  EZ Tape Converter software is included in the box. There are no speakers on the unit but connecting it to an external speaker or stereo system, a computer or a pair of headphones would allow you to listen to your music. Of course, once the music is transferred to MP3s it can be played on a number of MP3 players as well as a computer.


It is nice to have projects that can be accomplished while traveling, visiting or out on the back deck. The ION Tape-to-MP3 Tape Express player is compact and can easily be stashed in a tote or backpack. It is compatible with both PC and Mac which gives it a leg up automatically. Need to come up with an imaginable gift? Provide the service for a friend or relative that has no idea how you accomplished it. They won’t care – they will just love you for doing it.


Cassette tapes dry out and will eventually break. If yours have been stored in a reasonably temperature controlled environment they should be OK. Garage sales are a great way to find music on the cheap. Once the MP3s are ready you can burn them to a CD, you can transfer them to an MP3 player or integrate them into your iTunes library. The approximately 50 dollar investment for the ION Tape-to-MP3 Tape Express could bring back priceless memories.


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