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IOS 7 vs IOS 6 - Icons Compared by You

Updated on July 15, 2013

Mixed Reactions

The new designs of IOS7 icons with removed glassy effect has generated mixed consumer reactions. Apple adopted a new flat and solid color design with very little gradient effect in the new IOS7 icons.

If you haven't seen all the IOS7 icons yet, there is a website where you can see those and in fact you can compare IOS7 and IOS6 icons and vote your favorite.

I just finished comparing the icons. I voted and generated the result, below is the snapshot.

Compare it Yourself

IOS7 vs IOS6
IOS7 vs IOS6

At least stats are in favor of IOS7

I calculated the total and found that more people likes IOS7 icons compared to IOS6 icons. This is though is not a surprise because many people still likes IOS6 icons.

You too can compare the icons and vote the one you like at

The highest difference found was in the call icon and the maps icon of 21,896 and 22,283 respectively.


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