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Ideas for Getting Free High-Speed Internet

Updated on October 30, 2012

You absolutely need to have an Internet connection and you aren't thinking that a dial-up connection is going to do. You need high speed Internet. However, you don't want to pay for it. Maybe you are in a financial bind or perhaps you don't want to have to order it from the only Internet provider or your area or maybe it's just that you're cheap. Whatever the reason, you want to get access to high speed Internet and you don't want to have to pay for it.

Here are some ideas that you can implement to get high speed Internet at no cost:

  • See if someone else in your neighborhood has an open connection. If you have a mobile phone or a laptop with a Wi-Fi connection then you can sign on and see if someone in your neighborhood has high speed Internet access that you can jump on to. Many people don't bother to secure their Internet connection and that means that you can use it without doing anything besides signing on to it. If you don't get see service, try moving to different parts throughout your house to see if a signal comes in. You may be able to access high speed Internet only in one room but you'll be getting it for free.
  • Work from the coffee shop. Or the library. Or some other public space that has free Internet. If you have a laptop then you can access free highspeed Internet at these types of places all throughout the nation. At libraries, you can even sometimes use free computers at no charge. At coffee shops, you'll probably have to pay for the coffee you drink but it's a minimal fee for high speed Internet.
  • Surf the web at work. Your office almost certainly has high speed Internet. You can using it during your working hours and you can probably use it before and after hours depending on the business that you work for.
  • Use your phone to get online. More and more phones are capable of accessing the Internet. If you pay for a phone that has unlimited data anyway then you might as well access the web on the phone and not get charged for doing so.
  • Move in with roommates that already have high speed Internet. If you're in a position to move to a new place then you might want to look at places where someone else is already paying for a high speed Internet connection. If you move in with a group of people that is already paying for the service then you may not have to get the price of using it included in your rent.
  • Choose to live in a city that offers free Wi-Fi. There are many cities throughout the nation that offer some type of free high-speed Internet. For example, the city of San Francisco has teamed up with a company called Meraki to install Wi-Fi repeaters throughout the city which means that people can access free high-speed Internet in the areas where it's up and running. It's not a good idea to move to a city for this service just yet since many of the free Wi-Fi networks that have launched have ultimately failed but it is something to keep an eye out for in your own area and something to think about if you have any plans to move.
  • Pay for high speed Internet but eliminate other bills to make up for the cost. For example, let's say that you have a landline. You don't need it because you have a cell phone so you could get rid of the landline and use the extra money to pay for your Internet bill. Or you could even get VoIP service which replaces the landline and gives you Internet for the same cost (or even less) than you were paying to have the landline. In effect, this makes the Internet free since you're not paying more than you were before you had it.

In truth, high speed Internet costs aren't that high these days - especially if you bundle your services through one provider. But if you really don't want to pay to have it then you can try to get around it and get free Wi-Fi.


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  • SpaceShanty profile image

    SpaceShanty 4 years ago from United Kingdom


    I think we have all used someone else's unsecured WiFi, sometimes by accident but it is illegal and it may also be a network set up cyber criminals to collect passwords and bank details.

  • Comcast Dude profile image

    Comcast Dude 5 years ago

    I don't have a problem using Internet in an Internet Cafe or restaurant that offers free broadband. I prefer to do the ethical thing and pay for any Internet that I use in any other situation. I have found that this site offers some great promotional offers on Comcast High Speed Internet service!

  • RichPt profile image

    RichPt 7 years ago

    Just to add to thr above if you use an unecured connection you need to be carefull how you use it, e.g. try and avoid sending sensitive data, credit card details etc.

  • chrislloyd515 profile image

    chrislloyd515 7 years ago from UK

    I agree with Jeanne promoting stealing private wifi isn't a good thing, and is becomingly increasingly harder to do as most routers come secured as default.

  • Jeanne Crouse profile image

    Jeanne Crouse 8 years ago from New England

    Some good suggestions for finding free internet access, but I think using your neighbor's connection without asking is a bit like stealing - especially if they might have to pay for their service based on bandwidth use.

    And using your work connection before and after work is a great idea - but during working hours, when you're being paid to work.... ? Isn't that also like stealing time from your employer? Unless, of course, you are your employer and you can pretty much do what you'd like.