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If Terrorists Attack We Might Be Saved by Nanotechnology

Updated on October 13, 2009
The Nanoscale home office
The Nanoscale home office
The virus simulates Nanotechnology
The virus simulates Nanotechnology

Nano Scale is an Inovator in Nanotechnology

NanoScale is a private U.S. Corporation dedicated to the marketing, manufacturing and commercialization of nanotechnology products. In the past they've worked with clients in the government, the US army, the civilian population and scientific researchers. Not only do they develop nano-materials, but they also write and publish numerous nanoscience papers. Based out of Kansas State University, this corporation is world-renowned for their decontamination and environmental remediation solutions, in particular.

Over the past 14 years, NanoScale Corporation has been recognized as the leading nanotechnology company in America. Since 1995, their company has won more than 10 SBIR Bridge Awards and two KTEC Applied Research Matching Funds awards given out by the Kansas Technology Enterprise Corporation. KTEC explained, "NanoScale synthesizes reactive nano-particles, which are composed of tiny clusters of atoms that have unusual chemical and physical properties. These nano-particles aggressively interact with and break up other molecules. The potential for commercial applications includes detoxification of hazardous chemicals, odor control, air and water filtration, drug delivery, improving sun protection and skin care products, protection systems for microchips, and more. The total market size for nanotechnology products and services, as projected by various U. S. industry associations, will be $1 trillion annually in 10 to 15 years."

The last thing we ever want to imagine is a chemical attack from terrorists right here, on our home soil. While we all hope for the best, companies like NanoScale are planning for the worst. Using tiny nano-materials like structured magnesium oxide and titanium oxide within a pressurized cylinder, the award-winning FAST-ACT nano-powder acts quickly to knock sarin nerve gas, mustard gas and other chemical agent vapors to the earth, leaving behind an innocuous solid that can be swept up. In studies against nerve gas, the nano-powder has tested 99.9% effective at converting killer gas into harmless materials. "Instead of a simple defensive technology like duct tape and plastic, this allows the user to be active in neutralizing a threat," explains Stephen J. Lee, director of organic chemistry at the U.S. Army Research Office. "It is one of the first nanotechnology products to make it to the marketplace. Ultimately, it will save lives."

So far, NanoScale has found a number of useful nanotechnology applications. Their most famous product, FAST-ACT, can neutralize industrial chemicals or warfare toxins. Their NanoActive nano-materials are being added to a number of products to keep out harmful substances like pollutants, odors, bacteria, viruses, fungi and deadly chemicals. The NanoZorb line destroys decomposition and decay odors, which is especially useful for morticians and other scientists working with cadavers. ChemKlenz targets chemical spills and accidental releases used at a number of chemistry labs. OdorKlenz is the next generation of cleaning products that can eliminate noxious odors from spoiled food, tobacco smoke, pets, flooding and decay. In addition, NanoScale runs laboratory tests and studies, creates custom materials for client usage and publishes promotional copy regarding nano-materials.

Note that SpillKlenz and OdorKlenz are NanoScale Products


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