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Drinking Water Safety ... Options, News, and Facts

Updated on March 8, 2011

We're All Poisoned Now!! The Water Is Not Safe!

Now that the News has been released, all my long time suspicions are confirmed. The water is Not safe! I knew it, and I've known it for over 20 years. I am extremely disturbed, that I was actually right. Unfortunately for me, there is no pleasure about being right about something so alarming.

The fact that this was actually allowed to happen, with no regard for the people, the planet, or the future, is a level of indifference I find astounding. I am disturbed beyond words, and now moving to remedy the situation myself, as usual. There's only one way to be sure, your water is safe...It has to be Steam Distilled. The only water you can drink is, Steam Distilled...nothing else...and I do mean "nothing" else is safe.

Now that it's all out, and I don't have to debate it with anyone anymore, (which I found myself doing quite often) maybe we can concentrate on fixing the problem now. Although according to what I've been hearing, and reading there are no plans to correct it, and there is no current effort being implemented to assist people in receiving water that is not contaminated. Go Figure.

Being that it doesn't seem to be a priority for our bodies of authority, I have begun the design, and creation of my own Distillation System for my home, and business. Washing in contaminated water isn't something I care to continue doing. My family and I drink Distilled water only, and it's our main source of liquids throughout the day, and night. However many stores do not carry Distilled Water, and we have been forced to drink regular bottled water many a time.

In my 26 plus years of study in Nutrition, and endless years of research, one of my main claims of human health problems (across the board), the consitent common denominator that continued to jump out at me...was, and is the "Water". Every angle I researched led me to the same common denominator. There are also areas that are worse than others, that I can identify.

I would like to see how people feel about this, and what their feelings are about having to continue using contaminated water. It's startling, and alarming to know that this has been done to us...People really need to take charge here, and join together to force what's right for us, and our children!

I am personally Mad as Hell....and I'm Not Gonna Take It Anymore!

May The Powers Of The People...Be The Driving Force Of The Nation!

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