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Imagine ... Solar Power!

Updated on January 27, 2010

Imagine ... Solar Power

Imagine…Solar Power.

Whew! It has been a rough year. You and your family could sure use a vacation. Maybe the wife could use a spa day or a new wardrobe. Hubby could sure use some new tools and materials to make some much-needed repairs around the house.  These days it is difficult for many of us to keep one job much less the two it takes just to keep the kids’ tuitions, car payments, telephone,  insurance, and  mortgage up to date. Groceries are becoming a luxury. And then there is that monthly specter that haunts us all…the electric bill!

Imagine what you could do with the money that would normally go to gas and electric bills! More of us are thinking green each day, especially the electric companies! But wait! Help is here! It is called solar energy.

Imagine operating recreation parks, zoos, public gardens, and swimming pools on 12V DC. Children frequent these places, and it could reduce or eliminate the risk of electrocution.

Imagine solar powered day care centers, schools, and colleges.

Imagine solar powered traffic and highway lights.

Imagine solar powered computers, televisions, lawnmowers, and other household appliances.

How about this? Solar powered, restaurants, and supermarkets. Display stands, marquees, and billboards. Solar powered stadiums, concert halls, theaters, and civic centers.

Imagine the reduction in energy costs for these facilities. Imagine the price of admission being affordable for everyone! Imagine a solar powered Times Square!

Imagine not having to be dependent on foreign oil. Imagine an America secure in the knowledge that it has its own source of renewable energy.

Since photovoltaics is a young industry, imagine the job and career opportunities that may become available to many. Imagine a strong economy!

While many of us are thinking about our pockets, let us also consider our home, planet Earth. PV systems contribute significantly to resolving some of the problems that plague our planet since it produces no air pollution or noise. There is no need to transport combustible or toxic fuels and chemicals. And compared to conventional means of energy production, it produces minimal hazardous waste.

Solar voltaic modules are now easier to obtain since greater demand and increased production have driven the prices down significantly. That’s right, after the initial installation, obtaining electricity directly from the sun is practically free!

The sun shines upon our planet everywhere and everyday. Why not take advantage of its awesome power!

Just imagine.


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