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Impacts of internet on society

Updated on January 13, 2010

Impact of Internet

Several social benefits of Internet are

  • Electronic Mail Chatting to send instant images quickly
  • Newsgroups providing latest news on almost any topics
  • Files of software, photographs games etc can be downloaded to one's own hard disk
  • electronic shooing and banking called E-Business and E-Commerce respectively.
  • Access to online database all over the world via a "Web Browser" like "Internet Explorer:"

                                           Impact of IT on society

No one in the modern society is unaffected by the computers. in the supermarkets banks librarians and so on. we have their presence for granted. Computerized bills and statements, personalized letters inviting us to participate in the different activates of life both nationally and internationally reminds us hat our names  are stored on computer database all over the world. Different types of computerized system are encountered in everyday life such as:

  • PCs used in homes and small offices or business.
  • portable laptops that can be greasily in a brief case and used anywhere
  • mini and mainframe computers used in larger and commercial business and offices such as stock exchange.
  • different special purpose and genera purpose computers used in industry for production, monitoring control and efficient record  keeping.
  • Internet is used in education business research and many other fields.
  • super computes can perform very high amount of tedious computations in the least span of time usu sally picosecond. these computers are mostly used by government agencies for very sensitive operation like firing a missile rocket space mission and so on.


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