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Use Excel and VBA to Increase Efficiency

Updated on July 24, 2012

Whether you're looking for a special skill to really set you apart, hoping to finally impress your boss, or looking for that one extra resume filler to land you the job of your dreams. Join my online community and learn to use advanced Excel functionality and VBA absolutely free!

The Reality of the Matter

In today's competitive work environment, employees are pressured to become more accurate and efficient at the same time. Without the appropriate tools this can prove to be quite a challenge, and in some cases I would argue nearly impossible. In my experience in the workforce, I have found you can use Excel in conjunction with VBA as a very powerful tool for aligning yourself with company wide initiatives. Learning these new skills may seem challenging at first, but I promise it won't take to long for you to long to master them and become the envy of your coworkers.

My Unique Approach

Most introductory programs just teach you Excel. My program is designed to teach Excel and Visual Basic at the same time. My modules present directions for performing tasks in Excel and then teach you to right code to perform the same task programmatically. This is a much more intuitive method to learn and can greatly decrease the amount of time it will take for you to become an Excel Master.

What to Expect

My VBA modules will serve as an absolute beginners guide to VBA and some of the more advanced functions within Excel. Eventually I envision a place where coders from novice to expert can learn together, share code, and assist in development. Starting with the very basics, every few days I will post a learning module to help you gain amazingly marketable career skills.

Ready to Begin?

Perfect! I assure you have made a great decision. The first lesson is on using the macro recorder. Click here to get started.


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