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Facebook Is What You Make It

Updated on June 17, 2018

Some people say they don't like Facebook. Half of those who say they don't like Facebook have never tried it. The other half who say they don't like Facebook tried it but looked at it in a negative way.

I believe those who say they don't like Facebook are those who don't know what Facebook is all about, and they haven't taken the time to learn whether they like it or not.

Facebook connects people around the world.
Facebook connects people around the world. | Source

How Facebook Is Like Water and Fire

Water is good for drinking, cooking, bathing and taking a shower. Water is in pools and at beaches for people to have fun with. So water is good in those instances. However, if we drink too much water or don't drink enough water, we will die. We can drown if we can't swim in water. Waterboarding is a form of punishment. So water can be good, and water can be bad for us. It depends on how water is used.

Fire is good for cooking and for providing warmth. In those instances, fire is a necessity for our good. However, too much fire can kill us and destroy our homes and land. So fire can be good, and fire can be bad. It depends on how fire is used.

That's the same with Facebook. That social media can be good or bad. It depends on how Facebook is used just like water and fire are good or bad depending on how they are used.

Facebook can be helpful. Facebook can be harmful.

Facebook Pros

  1. You can connect with old friends and family.
  2. You can make new friends.
  3. You can connect with people all over the world.
  4. You always have someone to talk to.
  5. Facebook is a good networking medium.
  6. People can teach and share valuable information with millions of people at the same time. The information is archived for future reference.
  7. A person with a Facebook account can keep in touch with people far away by sending one message. Everyone will get the same message at the same time. If the message gets distorted, you can always go back and see it in writing.
  8. Facebook sends notifications of all your friends' birthdays. You save money on cards because you can send one message to up to several people at one time by typing @ and begin to type the name and when the name comes up, click on it. All be tagged. Not only will they get a birthday wish from you, but they will know who their birth mates are.
  9. You can compete with people all over the world with your favorite game. Bejeweled Blitz is a popular game you can play with virtual partners. Family Feud and Mahjong are also favorite games on Facebook.
  10. You can keep all your photos and videos in one place as well as sharing them with family members and friends.
  11. You can send private messages.
  12. You can upload notes. Notes are longer than updating your status and saying what's on your mind.
  13. Facebook saves you time and money on telephone calls and letter writing.
  14. You know what your friends are doing, and they know what you are doing; that is, you tell them as much as you want them to know.
  15. Aside from being a social network, Facebook has become a preferred option for small businesses and large companies to advertise their products and services by creating a fan page.
  16. Facebook reminds you what you wrote in years past.

Facebook Cons

  1. People tag you in pictures you would rather not be tagged in. Just because you use discretion on your profile page doesn't mean your friends will, so it's important to monitor your Facebook pictures and un-tag any that look like they could cause problems.
  2. Everybody seems to be an expert on something they know nothing about. They write a scripture and moments later on the same page, they are cursing out their mother.
  3. People interrupt you to chat when you are doing serious work. However, you can turn the chat feature off.
  4. People comment on your post that has absolutely nothing to do with your post. Of course, you can delete the unrelated comment.
  5. People you don't know keep sending you attaching.

Facebook Pet Peeves

  1. A generic avatar for a profile picture is one of my Facebook pet peeves. Not having uploaded a real picture doesn't motivate others to connect with those "picture-less" people.
  2. Some people do not have their own profile picture. A baby, a flower, or a sunset might be beautiful, but people prefer connecting with you; not your baby, not your flower, not your sports team.
  3. It is annoying to see pictures of food that people ate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  4. It is not necessary for people to respond to your post, "No comment." Wouldn't not commenting mean "No comment"?
  5. People use a thread to talk to someone else about something that has nothing to do with your original post.
  6. People responding with something so far off the subject that it makes no sense at all.
  7. People who never respond, but when you see them in person they can tell you more about your thread than you can.
  8. People sending applications and sites to join. If they were really your friend, they would know you are not interested in Mafia Wars or Farmville. To avoid having all those applications show up on your wall, block those unwanted applications. People might still send them to you, but you will never see them because they are not getting through.
  9. Profanity of any kind should not be posted on someone's wall if you know it will offend them.
  10. People adding others to groups without their permission is rude.
  11. People sending chain letters is offensive.

What do you think about Facebook?

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I love Facebook! I have only one fault against it . . . Someone else was creative enough to design it. I wish I had done so! Follow me on Facebook:


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