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How To Increase Google+ Followers

Updated on October 23, 2012
How To Increase Google Plus Followers
How To Increase Google Plus Followers

Tips to Get More Google Plus Followers

Google+ is the new social networking website, and falls in category of tumblogging website, (if you have close look on Google+). Like other tumblogging website and microblogging website, Google+ also allows you to follow other Google+ users and in similar way, you get followed other Google+ users.

Hence If you miss the opportunity on Twitter or Facebook, this is your chance to increase the Google+ follower count.

1. Use Google Plus as Your Digital Signature
Use your Google+ ID as your digital signature and put your Google+ website signature wherever you are digital i.e. email signatures, about me sections, forums and other social networking websites too.

2. Google+ Badge on Your Blog or Website
This is one of the great way to get Google+ followers, thought Google + has not launched any official Google+ Follow Me widget, but with help of HTML, put a Google+ on your Blog or Website, so that interested Google+ users can follow you on Google+. Get your Google+ Badge here.

3. Ask Google+ Followers to +1 your Google+ Posts
Ask your Google+ Followers and other Google+ users to +1, your Google+ post and +1 on your website.

4. Follow To Follow
Follow to Follow is one of the oldest tricks in your kitty to increase your Google Plus follower count. Like on Twitter and other social networking website, reward your Google+ followers by following them and get mouth publicity for free.

These are my top 4 tips to increase your Google+ followers, add more tips by adding your comments.

You can too follow me at Google+ here; if I like you I will certainly follow you. :)


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