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Information tools have spoiled the society in the negative ways!

Updated on September 5, 2014

Ill effects of Communication Technology!

What we got from Information technology?

How much hold ‘electronics’ has on our psyche? Especially those who are young and earning sumptuously are enamored by the gadgets very much. Even during the olden days, when transistor set was a luxury, and possessing one in the home raises one’s status among the friends and relatives. When transistors have become cheap due to mass productions, everybody on the street purchased one. When mobile phones were introduced in India some 20 years ago, only the aristocratic people possessed them. Both the incoming and outgoing calls were charged exorbitantly. The phones were heavy and keeping them itself was a problem. Now phones are available even below Rs.1000/- and call and data charges are moderate. Hence, even street vendors and people who do menial work do possess a mobile. Our mind always hankers for newer and newer varieties in gadget. Hardly few people are content with their first mobile phone, desk top or laptop. Hence the market is full of latest variants of all sorts of electronic gadgets. Gone are the days when even 128 MB was luxury and costly. Nowadays people flaunt gigabit memories even in phones and tablets. In the nearest future, terabits will become the norm.

This clearly shows the thirst for information from all people who use the internet either through the mobile or tablet or laptop. We are mostly online and the internet service provider companies are vying with one another to offer cheap packages for surfing. The boom in information technology has enabled the e-commerce sites to mint in millions with appropriate strategies. When all transactions could be achieved by sitting at the computer, why should we visit the showrooms to purchase? Every deal is concluded in seconds and items delivered in three to four days in your door step. Is it not a boon? Yes, it is a boon to the manufacturers and sellers. We are content with going through the news clips, video and audio. People are exerting their brains to invent new software to enable to perform many things in the mobile phone itself. Online money transactions are now made possible in mobile platform. In addition, there are e-learning platform benefiting the students. There are many free online learning centers for beginners. Anybody having an android phone with net connection can surf the sites to learn things at their leisure hours. No doubt that the universe has become a global village. Everything is instantaneous. You can select your partner in many matrimonial sites as per your whims and choices. You can go through the complete bio-data of all girls who have registered in the matrimonial sites. You can rent, sell and purchase lands and houses. You can apply for loan for various purposes. You can get medical insurance covers. Everything from birth certificates to death certificates, no objection certificates, encumbrance certificates are available online. Many companies offer their employees the choice of working from their home. They need to attend office only during important meetings etc. You want to read books, view pictures, listen to songs, even perform rituals, name your requirement- everything is available online.

Is it not a boon to mankind? No doubt, it is a great boon. But we have to weigh both the pros and cons before delivering the judgment. Is it not? Let us look at the negatives due to the innovation in information technology.

  1. Access to internet by children, youngsters and criminals. It is difficult to monitor the children what sites they access. Initially, they may start with games and lessons. Once they are conversant with the technology, there is easy access to porn sites, drugs and alcoholism especially youngsters around 15 years of age. We must understand that the net is accessed by all kinds of people including hard core criminals, fraudsters, and terrorists. Especially certain sites lure the children and youngsters to reveal their personal details, identities, email etc. Especially children from well to do families often land in trouble by uploading their personal details in social sites like, Facebook or twitter. There is danger lurking in every corner. Hence strict parental supervision is required when the children are logged in.
  2. Nearly 80% of the surfers connect to the net for time pass like chatting with unknown people, and people from opposite genders. Prior to the invention of net and mobile phones, communication was only through letters. Hence students had their own fear of getting caught. Nowadays, there is no such fear. Anybody can converse with anyone in the world with absolute immunity keeping the conversation private. There is every opportunity that youngsters fall into the prey and lose their morals and money. In India, in the villages, it is a taboo to converse with girls or boys of equal age. Usually girls and women do not come into the halls even. They reside in the inner rooms and rarely do they come out. If any boy is found to be conversing with a girl in public, they are reprimanded severely. There are several kangaroo courts in villages who excommunicate the families for misconduct. Traditions are strictly followed in the villages even now. Prior to 1950, girls were not allowed to continue their education beyond third or fifth standard of elementary schools. These restrictions, though severe to look at, served the purpose of maintaining highest integrity and disciplines in the families. During those days, rapes were unheard of. The innovations have brought utter moral degradations in human society. We have become permissive societies. Then there is no use in deploring about the degradation in human values now. The very elders, who permitted their children to indulge, are reaping the after effects now. Now there is worldwide terrorism severely affecting human societies. Even powerful leaders are unable to stem the unlawful activities of youngsters who turn into hippies and vagabonds.

We watch the media about children shooting their friends in class rooms. How these things came about. It is due to the violence depicted in TVs, internet and other media networks. In fact, the internet and advanced communication tools should serve the poor and underprivileged in society. Instead, it is acting as a weapon in the hands of few perverted people. Social platforms instigate the young mind with violence by depicting horrible videos uploaded by terrorists in their web sites. Now there is absolutely no control anywhere. Internet has become a mighty demon and creates chaos everywhere in society! Even the inventors are bewildered at the negative effects of these communication tools which is like a sharp knife.


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