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Informing My Future

Updated on April 6, 2016

I really enjoyed reflecting on my past to see how it could help inform my future. My situation reflects David’s in some ways. Like him, I do not like asking for help. I like figuring things out more on my own. I do not like showing that I have weaknesses, so I try to hide them instead.

The situation I have chosen to share is from my last quarter at Virginia College. I struggled quite a bit with my Introduction to Criminal Justice class last quarter. It wasn’t really the work that caused me the problem, it was the fact that I procrastinated quite a bit with during the work itself.

Being a mother of the three special needs children it makes it a bit difficult to focus at times on the work that needs to be done. Between them and balancing a full course load of two to three classes it became extremely hard to keep up. I finally ended up failing out of the class because I was unable to keep up with my work in all classes and take care of my children.

The things that I could have done differently was set aside a study time each night to do my work. Most likely after the children were in bed. I also could have made the instructor and my advisor aware of the fact that I was struggling with keeping up. I could have asked for help or maybe extra time on assignments I was finding especially difficult.

Mostly what I learned from the experience was not to procrastinate. Also, I learned that having to set time scheduled for study after the children goes to bed gives me a chance to work and not worry about being distracted with other things. I also learned that I have to be more focused and attentive to my work.


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