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Interactive Whiteboard - The Window to Tomorrow's Ideas

Updated on June 11, 2015

Back in the day before tablets and high speed internet became staple household commodities, the closest appliance that people had to a computer was a chunky calculator, and it cost a small fortune to own. You can't really say that the interactive whiteboard is a new innovation. The original concept of a whiteboard was introduced way back in the mid 1960s.

Even the modern interactive whiteboard concept has been in implementation for close to a decade now both in the industrial and educational sectors. The advanced applications that today's whiteboards provide have definitely made an impact on how ideas and concepts are expressed and exchanged in meetings or interactive sessions.

Here are some applications of the interactive whiteboard that have contributed immensely in terms of value addition from a corporate perspective.

Interactive quotient

Earlier, there used to be a standard format to a meeting. It was Listen-Speak-Wait, and most of the time, it would just be about listening to what someone had to say. Boring PowerPoint sessions and random scribbling on a white board were accepted norms. The worst thing is that these drilling sessions would go on and on for hours.

The interactive whiteboard changed everything. In fact, it turned the concept of a business meeting on its head. Nobody was expected to be dormant and devoid of a viewpoint on anything. With file sharing, accessing, editing, and saving all possible, you can run an almost organic session that changes with real time inputs from everybody participating in the session. Apart from keeping everybody engaged, the interactive whiteboard actually made a significant change in the way an outcome was achieved through a meeting.


Are you home sick? Can't attend a meeting? Why not? Geographic locations do not matter today. They really do not make any significant impact on a meeting as long as you have connectivity. With an interactive whiteboard at your disposal you can access files from just about any location that can be accessed online through remote access. Since everybody deals with the same information, the whiteboard keeps everybody on the same page, and helps to keep everybody on the same track


The act of annotating is not restricted to just scribbling notes in between paragraphs. It is also about making real time changes to your content as you progress through a session. Ideas cannot be restricted in any form. Today's whiteboard gives you the freedom to make use of external sources during a session and create fresh content as you are involved in an interactive session. This encourages all the participants to think out of the box and sty involved in the meeting throughout the session.

For instance, there are whiteboards today with which you can annotate over BIM 3D content, hyperlinked drawing sets, videos, estimating software applications, and just about anything that is being put to implementation in the construction sector. This definitely enhances the flow of your communications to a whole new level.

Mobile access

Mobile is the new mantra. Today, if an application isn’t compatible with your mobile device, it is considered as a setback. The modern interactive whiteboard can be accessed through your Android or iOS device through a custom app. The applications of such an app are truly limitless when you think about it. Just imagine the wide range of data sharing capabilities you have at your disposal enabling you to conduct sessions from anywhere on the planet with just about anybody on the planet. In effect, it truly has made the world a tiny space.

Touch Capability

Ever felt like throwing that lousy mouse out of the window? It's like your keyboard and mouse always have a problem when you're in the middle of the most important presentation in your life. Today's touch whiteboards make all these input devices completely redundant. You can literally develop your ideas on the screen in real time with your own hands. The modern whiteboard supports one to five finger gestures making your sessions efficient and engaging at the same time.

If you grew up in the 80's you probably have the image of your teachers working the board, the shiny white board or the dark green-black boards, the duster, and the squeak of chalk on the board. You remember what your teachers achieved with such limited resources. Keeping that in perspective, you can imagine the possibilities at your fingertips with the modern interactive whiteboard.


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