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Interesting Aspects About Let's Players

Updated on May 1, 2015


With the advancement of social media, various form of entertainment have become available for a wider amount of people. Specifically in the video sharing website YouTube. One form of entertainment that has seen significant growth was the Let's Player. Basically one or a group of people gather around and commentate on recent video games that they have been playing. For the viewer, there were some entertaining aspects about Let's Players that make watching other people play video games legitimately fun. One aspect about Let's Players that was interesting to watch other people encounter similar problems in certain video games that the viewer also experienced. Another aspect about Let's Players that was entertaining to see was the reaction some groups had when a video game character did something awesome during a scene or while fighting. In some cases where the main character was a mute, the Let's Player could give said mute character its own voice via alternate interpretation, which in some cases resulted in the Let's Player making certain scenes within video games seem less dramatic due to how the Let's Player portrayed certain characters. Watching other people play video games can be interesting if one understood the story of the video game or understood the comedy of other people.

Pice of art featuring the Brainscratchcomms crew and Link from the old Legend of Zelda CDi games. Their dislike for CDi Link was justified.
Pice of art featuring the Brainscratchcomms crew and Link from the old Legend of Zelda CDi games. Their dislike for CDi Link was justified. | Source

Shared Opinion

In games like the Mario Party franchise, having actual skills with the game was not enough to win a game. Sometimes there were surprises that allowed other players to advance without any effort. Especially in the earlier games. And while some players could not express their anger in their own homes, Let's Players had the assurance that they could voice their frustrations vocally without repercussions. In a game of Mario Party 2, the group BrainScratchComms had it so that Princess Peach was at third place without any stars gathered. However, not only was the player able to successfully acquire a star through relinquishing some of his character's coins, but he also gained an extra star by standing on a random space. And to make this game even more one-sided, that same player hit another special space that contained a star near the end of the match. So not only did the player gain first place without doing anything, apparently this player was just incredibly lucky to receive stars the way that he did. On top of that, the player who controlled Princess Peach received an additional star just for triggering events on the board. The Mario Party franchise was well known for having players win without really doing anything, and Brainscratchcomms was a good example.

The thing about multiple players was that upsets can occur. Sometimes more than once.
The thing about multiple players was that upsets can occur. Sometimes more than once. | Source


Giant robots are awesome. Giant robots fighting is even more awesome. Seeing giant robots who were references to popular robotic characters fight each other can be considered epic if played by certain people. In a segment referred to as Friday Night Fisticuffs, the Let's Play group The Sw1tcher played an old Capcom fighting gamed called Tech Romancer, a game where characters in giant robots fought each other until all but one exploded. Surprisingly, all of the robots in this fighting game were references to past animé involving giant mecha. You had references to Mobile Suit Gundam, Mazinger Z, Macross, and Getter Robo. One way that this group of Let's Players hyped this game was make their own references to giant robot animé. Things like attack names, character archetypes, and the different themes all of the different animé made involving giant robots were thoroughly discussed whenever one of the characters in Tech Romancer did something awesome. One interesting moment came when one giant robot inspired by animé involving realistically manufactured robots defeated a fighter who used a robot inspired by more whimsical animé. Here one of the members of The Sw1tcher acknowledged that in the context of the realistic robot, it basically destroyed a nation's budget in funding just so it could destroy a single robot.

I dig giant robots! You dig giant robot! We dig giant robots! Chicks dig giant robots!
I dig giant robots! You dig giant robot! We dig giant robots! Chicks dig giant robots! | Source

TFS Gaming

In the game Dragon Ball Xenoverse the player had the option to create a male or female character to control for the entire story of the game. Unfortunately, said character was a silent protagonist, so the player never got to hear his or her opinion about the events of the game. Fortunately a Let's Player group provided some ideas about what the created character for this game would say. Referred to as TFS Gaming, this group created a character and named him Dumplin. And throughout Drangon Ball Xenoverse, TFS Gaming portrayed Dumplin as some overpowered fighter that nobody could defeat. And since this game made it so that the character the player created defeated all of the enemies throughout the entire history of the Dragon Ball Z series, that idea made sense. Of course, the end of Dragon Ball Xenoverse revealed that the main source for the problems within the game was some demon lord. And while TFS Gaming expressed distress at the scene where Dumplin got severely injured, seeing Dumplin manipulate time so that he could get a second chance to save the world was met with excitement. So much so that by the end of the game, TFS Gaming decided to give the character they made the name Demon Lord Dumplin. And the name made sense in the context of this game.

A face that knows not mercy nor kindness.
A face that knows not mercy nor kindness. | Source


Watching other people play video games may seem like a strange form of entertainment, but sometimes seeing the perspective of others in different situations can be hilarious. Especially in a competitive setting.


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