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International Prepaid Calling Cards And Cell Phones

Updated on August 14, 2012

The Right Choice For Making International Calls

People are using cell phones more and more everyday to the point it has replaced their house phones. But for people who make a lot of international phone calls using their cell phones is not such a logical choice as they will be charged an arm and a leg. The solution is to use prepaid calling cards for cost saving international phone calls.

For instance I use ATT as my cell phone provider and if I used my cell phone to call the country I most frequently call, it would cost me .27 cents a minute and on top of that there is a $3.99 charge per month. My calls usually last an hour so I would end up paying $16.20. And I make my calls seven times a week so that's $113.40 I have to shell out.

So my best option is to use an International Prepaid Calling Card from companies such as, and

Why are these prepaid calling card companies cheaper than the major phone companies? Well major phone companies have a larger overhead in terms of company upkeep. They have to maintain the whole entire infrastructure and that involves a lot of money. So of course they have to charge more money.

While the the smaller prepaid phone card companies just concentrate on long distance or international phone lines and nothing else. So they have less overhead to worry about.

So how do you choose the right prepaid calling card company such as the ones above?

Just do a little bit of investigation yourself because each company offers different rates for each country. You can check out It has the same calling card companies I've mentioned before but these companies are reputable. That is the most important fact that you have to remember in choosing a company.

You see all prepaid calling card companies charge fees such as maintenance. Maintenance fees are charges levied to these smaller companies by the larger phone companies. So the customer has to bear some of the charges. The fees usually range .39 cents to as high a .99 cents a week and each card has different per minute rates.

So keep that in mind in your search for a prepaid calling card. My suggestion is to choose the card between the lowest maintenance fee and the highest maintenance fee. Because the lower the per minute rate the higher the maintenance fee is and vice versa. So by choosing the card in the middle you're getting the average price with a better balance between rates per minute and weekly maintenance fee.

All the companies that I have listed do not charge hidden fees. All of the fees are upfront. Check more than one company as you will find that each might offer better rates so it's always best to check around. The good thing is that these calling card companies make everything easy for you by providing you with information of each card that they think is best suited for the country you are calling.

But I did my own calculations that even with the weekly maintenance fees my international calls still come out to only $62 dollars a month. So I save $50 dollars a month by using a prepaid calling card to make my international calls.

So take a look at to see how much savings you can make on international phone calls.

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