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Internet Tablet Nokia N800 Mixed Reviews

Updated on April 4, 2010


Internet Tablets have caused a stir since they hit the market especially with gadget lovers and early adopters. They are in a unique class of their own. An Internet Tablet will not replace your PC, Laptop, Tablet PC, Smartphone or PDA. The Internet Tablet is designed to surf the web, check e-mail, listen to music, and to stay in touch with your social network.

While researching Internet Tablets I have felt some confusion. It is difficult to keep the definitions straight. There are Tablet PCs, Slate PCs, Internet Tablets, Mobile Tablets and UMPCs. The direction I am heading here is towards the Internet Tablet.

They resemble the slate PC (Tablet PC without the integrated keyboard) in looks except that they are smaller. That resemblance stops short however since they are not designed to be a full functioning PC. Instead it is designed to be a device that can connect to the Internet by using a WiFi 802.11 b/g wireless network.

You can also connect to the Internet via your cell phone through Bluetooth. I suggest that before you connect through your cell phone that you check with your provider about any charges that may apply.

Internet Tablets have a smaller capacity hard drive than a Tablet PC. That is side stepped by the memory card slots that increase data or music storage by at least 4GB which makes them work well as MP3 players and streaming video devices.

One of the first Internet Tablets to hit the market was the Nokia 770. Techies were very excited about this unit because it is powered by a Linux OS (Operating system).

Next came the Nokia 800 (also sporting a Linux OS) and although it is a great looking device, it has not met with high praise. It falls short in several areas including high price, short battery life, no synching with organizers like Outlook, video hanging, lack of instant messaging ability and a less than stellar VOIP client. It was announced in June of 2007 that a firmware update would include Skype. The same firmware update allows for 8GB memory cards to be used for additional data and music storage.

On the other hand it is touted to be easy to connect to WiFi, Is competent at handwriting recognition, is easy to navigate and the media player is more than adequate,



Internet tablets are as expensive and often more expensive than a Smartphone even though the features are similar. The monitor is larger on an Internet Tablet so browsing the web is easier and more enjoyable especially when it comes to inputting information.

It seems to me that new cell phones such as the iPhone or even the iTouch will really give the Internet Tablet a run for its money. But if you already own the N800 just update your firmware and consider yourself ahead overall.

I will also be writing about the new HTC Advantage X7500 (Mobile Tablet) which seems to provide greater capabilities.


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